Sunday, July 31, 2011

Namibia's Wildflowers. Posies For My Readers.

 Wildflowers fascinate me, as I am sure they do everyone! To see Namibia's Damaraland alive with flowers everywhere was a delightful bonus on my return to Elephant-Human Relations Aid (EHRA)project. The land  normally would be drying out after the usual Dec-Feb rainy season, but late showers into early May kept the country alive.
As I looked out on the landscape, Islamic or Oriental carpet patterns came to mind. Delicate silky grass seed-heads swirled over the undulating land glowing with the intensity of the low morning or evening sun, interwoven with dots or occasional splatters of the brilliant colour of tiny blooms.

Driving into EHRA Base Camp. Late afternoon and low light turns the grass tassels golden.
Interspersed amongst the grass are small wildflowers.
  Click on each photo to bring these up to their full glory! Use your browsers 'back' arrow to return.

Here are a few flowers for my lady readers. 
Even the tiniest flower in the pics is so beautifully formed and coloured. They are offered and dedicated to all the wonderful, talented and soulful women I have met out there in the Blogosphere.
 These I present to you, my valuable lady readers!  Comment and choose one and I will dedicate that picture for you by adding your name and link back to your site under the photo.

Everyone listed by a picture has a great website for all readers to visit by clicking on their name. Check them out, they are very talented and interesting writers!

Nelieta likes desert flowers that remind her of her home in South Africa.

Linda from Australia also loves desert wildflowers! 

 Jan has picked a posie of these delicate yellow flowers.

Patty loves white!

Melissa and JIM are picking this upright flower similar to a hollyhock .

SweepyJean has picked this little beauty!

Cathy likes the simple beauty of these red gems.

 Mari has picked a posie of this brilliant yellow desert flower.

These feathery grasses shine for Hamlet's Lair.

Claire picks a cute posie.

Alpana is partial to this dainty flowering plant.

This single purple colored flower suits the wonderful poetry of Rimly.

Cath has been painting flowers.
Alfandi wants to photograph wildflowers also.
 Sulekkha likes this delicate lilac flower.

Andrea likes them all so I'll dedicate this pair to her and John on their travels!


For Debbie the butterfly and yellow flower.

Rachel picked this delicate bloom.

Kalpana picks these flowers overlooking Damaraland scenery.



Becky Owen feels the happiness surrounding these. 

Debra picked pure and simple beauty here.

 I associate the colour yellow with Dutch people and Marja has picked this yellow beauty with a butterfly.

This is the last time I will visit with EHRA, desert elephants, and Damaraland; such a very beautiful country.

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Hamlet's Lair said...

Wow! Beautiful flowers... my favorite photos are the first and 10th (I) images though.

Saucy Siciliana said...

I feel like I just visited a gorgeous garden! I've never seen such beaufitul flowers! You reminded me that I should go and visit the rose garden here in Rome before they close for the summer. Have a nice Sunday!

Jim said...

Like you, I loved the way the light filtered through the grass heads. Fascinating!

Ciccia, you can come and walk in this garden anytime.

Unknown said...

Beautiful Jim, my favorites are Q Yellow flower with butterfly and S the tiny purple wildflowers with the rocks and the desert look.

Thanks for sharing jim.

Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

I love them all but will choose H as my fave. They are all so different from what I see in the Pacific Northwest, USA. I'm sure it has to do with the dry weather and sandy soil there vs our rainy damp soil. You've done an excellent job giving us a look at nature there.
Re Flower Friday -
How can we link our sites together and get others to join in? Maybe call it Fresh Flower Friday or just Flower Friday. I know lots of bloggers do the one special moment photo Friday. Maybe I can figure out if they are linking up. :D

When we run our of flowers we can change to something else. :D

What are your thoughts?

photos by jan said...

Soo beautiful, all of them, my favorites are the tiney yellow ones in C and the majestic blossoms of J, mixed with the tiny white..The tenacity of wild fowers always amazes me. Beautiful photos, Jim.

Nelieta said...

I love them all! Reminded me of a post I have written about the Cosmos flowers in South Africa. Bright and beautiful!

Debra said...

Thank you Jim, these are lovely!

Patty said...

I love wildflowers! All the flowers are so pretty it's hard to have a favorite. I was a little partial to b, d & e.

Linda said...

I'm a wildflower fanatic too!
Such a thrill when walking through the Great Sandy Desert in outback Western Australia you'd see a field of spinifex, but tucked down in amongst this sea of silvery green would be these little coloured treasures :)
b or j are what take my eye :D

Bec Owen said...

Thank you Jim, for sharing these...they're all so beautiful, it's hard to believe they are wildflowers!

My favorite is: W

I hope I can travel to Africa one day and see them in person.


lakwatsera de primera said...

I love all of the flowers Jim, but perhaps I'll pick J. :)

Cathy Sweeney said...

Thank you, Jim! You are such a gentleman. I love wildflowers and take many pics-- even though I can't identify most of them. All of your flowers look lovely, but there's something about "G" that really attracts me!

photos by jan said...

Thanks Jim.

KalpanaS said...

Jim, thanks for sharing a bouquet of wildflower photos.
I like the photo T - the flowers appear to be looking at the rocks and the mountains in the distance, in the desert sun. The power of plants!

Alpana Jaiswal said...

Flowers are the music of the ground
From earth's lips spoken without sound.
You made my day,I love them all,but a little partial to "K"...

Jim said...

So nice to join me in the desert garden ladies. You have all picked a bunch and I have listed you with a link to your sites below each pic. I thought it a great way of helping to promote your blogs too.

Melissa Tandoc said...

As much as I love every wild flower you've posted, I'll choose E... I love the color and how they're all bundled together at the their tip (like a microphone :P)

Yey! Thanks Jim ;)

JIM said...

Really nice flower images Jim. I got in touch with my feminine side and like E . The flowers pops from the background.
By the way are you aware that your blog is posting doubles???

Anonymous said...

It's amazing the variations of the flowers. Lovely post!

Alpana Jaiswal said...

Thank u Jim

Rimly said...

Wow Jim this is such an honor. Which woman can refuse a flower. Very chivalrous of you. I choose two but you can give me one. I love the the single pure white (4th)and the 12th, the single love purple beauty because purple is my favorite color. Thank you.

sulekkha said...

I love all the pretty flowers but my heart was captured by 'O', the Lilac flower stole my heart.Beautiful pictures Jim, thanks for sharing.

Andrea said...

I love it when wildflowers are so beautiful and colourful like these are!

Jim said...

Gee it's fun picking wildflowers with you all. They are so delicate and rather tenacious to grow in such conditions. I'd just like to say that I don't pick them when I see them, because some may be rare and best to leave them to flower and seed to preserve their presence forever.
But I love photographing them.

Marja said...

Gorgeous flowers I love the yellow one with the butterfly. The las photo is gobsmucking

Rachel Hoyt said...

I love wildflowers! Thanks for the photo tour. :)

cathy jones said...

What a wonderful and inventive way to post all those gorgeous flower photos you took. It always amazes me to find color in unexpected places. They are all beautiful Jim. Very nice post!
Twitter me @jonesbabie

Alfandi said...

Nice flower gallery...wish I'm there..

Lisa said...

I love the yellow desert flower,nice shot.