Monday, July 18, 2011

Birds of Botswana.

Fascinating birds of Botswana photographed on our safari. To see these at their best, click on the pics and that will bring them up larger size. Hit your browsers Back arrow to return.

Fish Eagles at Chobe.

Kori Bustard

See no evil; hear no evil; speak no evil.
Marabou Stork.

Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill 

Love those Kori Bustards!

Burchell's starling.

Another southern yellow-billed Hornbill.

African darter, Anhinga rufa

This francolin mother ( Red-billed spurfowl ) and chicks just would not get off the road.
 3 vehicles had to bush bash around them!


Fred knows this one.  Crested barbet.

Speckled Mousebirds. Collius striatus.
Fred knows this one also!

After my EHRA 2 week volunteer project (second time) with desert elephants in Namibia in May, I joined up with Russell Frankish of Greenbushpig Safaris, guide for Britz Rentals self drive 4WD, on a 13 day tour of Botswana from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls and return.

I actually photographed this Southern Ground Hornbill in Kruger Park in July 2009.
But I think he's gorgeous!

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sulekkha said...

Birds of all shapes, sizes and colors!!! I adore them, maybe because I am a zoology graduate and living things are my thing :)

Red Nomad OZ said...

Weird how the bustard and darter are almost identical to their Aussie counterparts!!

And ... LOVED that hornbill the first time round, still love it!!!

Unknown said...

Loved the birds Jim and Noah enjoyed them too! He's amazed by "nature" and animals well anything science and history related, so I share a lot of your pictures with him. (he's 11)

Thanks for sharing with us

English tips said...

Beautiful entry, as usual. Thumbed up on Stumble Upon, Carlos your Brazilian friend was here.

Mary Hudak-Collins said...

Jim, perfect, as always :) I have a soft spot for birds as you probably already know. Really enjoyed these photos. Keep them coming!

Rimly said...

I do a little of bird watching. But I didnt know there was something called a mousebird or a hammerkop. Thank you for educating me Jim.

RoyalNirupam said...

Colourful,fascinating a subject of my interest,I love birds,wings of God.

JIM said...

I love the Eagles and the Ground hornbill. The little colorful bird is one I have seen before but I would need to ask Fred what the name was. I think birds are so amazing..the colors, shapes and the ability to

Nelieta said...

Some great looking birds you snapped there Jim!

Leigh said...

Your pictures bring back great memories of my time in both Namibia and Botswana. I love the hornbills & the lilac breasted roller - always nice to be able to actually identify birds - something I'm not great at doing, though I love searching for them.

Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

These birds are amazing and so unusual. I especially like the second from the last - he's beautiful. Your photography is lovely.

Lily Trotter said...

Well done Jim.
Brownie points for Leigh too with the Lilac-breasted Roller.
I guess you want/need help? Not just with birds as I recall. Making breakfast Coffee too. Folks he was rubbish at making a fire but he redeemed himself with a "Chicken" Curry. Not all that sure it was Chicken but it WAS Curry.
OK. To the birds.
Kori (no "s") Bustard.
Red-billed Spurfowl with the chicks, Francolin is fine though.
Your Grey Hornbill is actually another Southern Yellow-billed. Flying Banana.
The one you asked for is Crested Barbet and the Mousebird is a Speckled Mousebird. Collius striatus. Not only is there such a bird as a Mousebird but there are actually six species in Africa.
You did fine.

Jim said...

Aww thanks everyone. I totally agree that birds are wonderful for photography!
Leigh, that was a good identification from you!
Thanks Fred and Liz for helping correct and identify all the birds.
Fred and Liz from Isle of Man were travelling companions and helped add a huge amount of interest to our safari as Fred is a walking encyclopeia on birds. But he's no good on coffee making either!

I have been reading up on Mousebirds and they're quite a unique species.

Abhisek said...

Beautiful photographs Jim....I just love bird photography.Found some new species and will search more about them.Thanks for sharing. :)

photos by jan said...

Beautiful absolutely beautiful.

lakwatsera de primera said...

I've never heard the names of most of these birds, thank you for sharing these lovely images Jim.

mack reynolds said...

these are some really great images! glad you could share them. sometimes i look into a bird's eyes and get freaked out. i really love the pic of the eagles. i think i'd be too intimidated to get so close to all those birds though.

Teamgsquare said...

Lovely capture , got to see some of those bird which i have never heard off.