Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Travel Photo Thursday Aug 4th : Sunrise at Chobe, Botswana.

 Looking at the sun rising across the Chobe River from Ihaha Camp, Chobe National Park, Botswana. On the left is a submerged hippo grazing water plant delectables. We noticed him the previous evening. During the night he came ashore and grazed the grass around the campsite. We could hear him quietly walking around while we snored safely in our Toyota Hi-Lux overcab tents. Our safari guide slept in a tent on the ground, and even though he was busting for a pee there was no way he was poking his head outside with a hippo munching around his tent!

 I sometimes get night cramps, and had placed my bag at the foot of my bed so I could press my feet against it and relieve the muscle spasms, not realising the bottom fly zip was open. In the wee hours I stretched my feet against my bag, and it was sent flying out the tent and went bomp, bomp, bomp, de bomp, crash, down the ladder! I had to crawl out of the tent into the pitch blackness with only my headlamp for weak light, climb down the ladder and retrieve it, taking the quick opportunity for a pee while down there hoping the hippo had been scared off by the noise. Our fearless guide never poked his head out of his tent, preferring to leave me to chance it with our hippo!

Here's our hippo friend.

Our friend is in the water on the left.
Our brave guide's tent so close to the water.

Safari camping. There are 2 tents that fold out in minutes, and accessed by a ladder.
Lions aren't supposed to be able to climb ladders....

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Leigh said...

Love your shot - and especially so with the background colour of your blog.
I would never want to fool with a hippo after hearing all the stories. I spent time in Botswana so your shot brings back memories - though I wasn't roughing it.

Julia said...

Love that photo Jim, but then I always was a sucker for a good sunset pic! Glad the hippo didn't get you in the night. :)

Muza-chan said...

I think it was a very special color of the sunset that evening. Great photo :)

RyukyuMike said...

As usual, great photos and captions. I never knew lions wouldn't climb a ladder. Don't believe it either. LOL !

Jim said...

It's an exciting country isn't it Leigh? So much wildlife.

Aah Julia, that was sunrise. I haven't posted the sunset pics yet. You will not believe the colours on the water that evening. Make sure you drop back in.

Hi Muza-chan , yes absolutely gorgeous sunrise!

Yes Mike, if they wanted a meal they'd just jump up there! Got a crazy story about lions coming up. In fact the whole day was crazy...but that's safari in Botswana for you.

Claire said...

You'll probably think me mad but I am very curious about Botswana now simply from reading Alexander Mcall smith's books that are set there. The pictures you have posted are just beautiful!

manonthelam said...

I really need to see more of Africa -- love your hippo friend!

Cathy Sweeney said...

Super sunrise pic! Love the night cramps story -- funny as long as you didn't meet up with the hippo.

Jim said...

Claire, if you ever decide to go, I have contacts who will arrange the time of your life there! You won't regret it.

Manonthelam, don't try kissing those hippos! Big teeth and blubbery lips!

Hi Cathy, it's a weird feeling in the dark and knowing that what's out there could be coming at you. They are huge but they move silently, you just hear them munching, but when that noise stops, is when yo start worrying.

Michael Figueiredo said...

SO Beautiful! I'm envious of you....I wish I was there too!

S. Susan Deborah said...

I have seen hippos only in zoos and not in the wild. I don't much like them. I know that it is quite strange to show emotional feelings like 'like' and 'hate' when it comes to animals but the texture of its skin puts me off. I shouldn't be doing that, I know.

Lovely photos, Jim and your experience is something quite rich and lovely.

Joy always,

cherrysberries said...

Wow. I'd give anything to see a sunset like this. So pretty!