Friday, September 19, 2014

Her leaving.

Young warriors never knew why she was leaving
Spring would win its way with Winter's snow
Fire would rejoice, flash across the eucalyptus
And all would be scorched with their burning.

Reality can't be mended when it's broken
If it catches fire as young dreams are forming
But fire and ice cannot compromise
When young warriors are still learning.

No one ever knew when she was leaving
Eucalyptus would not grow without bending
Young warriors would fight, fire would play with ice
And no one ever knows a happy ending.

Tall castles are cold, devoid of feeling
Young warriors seek warmth in their affrays
One battles but is lost, others pay the cost
Eucalyptus struggle, bend, and sway.

One warrior found Spring upon her leaving
Another used fire to light his way
Ice would entice, and slowly paralyse
But old warriors never blame her for leaving.