Monday, July 11, 2011

My Favourite Colour: The Poe-A-Tree-Hop.

I watched a chameleon walk across the road
In a dark grey coat.
Hanging it on a twig, he climbed
Into the leaves in his green and yellow jumpsuit.

Flap-necked chameleon, Namibia.

I watched sunrise send orange and gold
Through the tall grass seed tassels.
Blinded, I step carefully
Not wanting to crush precious yellow, turquoise, and pink blooms
Each one a tiny jewel.
But as I looked
An Afghani prayer rug, in the finest silken colours
Unrolled to the horizon
Inviting me to kneel.

Wild flowers, Damaraland, Namibia.

Why have a favourite colour?
When Nature's diversity
Colour, in all its tint and hue
God wants us all to see.

Welcome to the Poe-a-tree hop. What is a Poe-A-Tree-hop? Well it is a group of writers of blogs who write poetry and stories. So if you hop on over to them you will start to see a rainbow of poetry colors, and you know what they say about rainbows, “there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.” Roy from has organised this Poe-A-Tree Hop so I'm in for the fun and to see what other bloggers are writing.

Check out all the participants listed at the bottom of this post.


Paige Gould
Ramazah Razvi
Alpana Jaiswal
Roy Durham
Melissa Tandoc
Jim McIntosh



sulekkha said...

Beautiful poetry and a lovely picture to compliment it. Nature is a riot of colors but I have a favorite :)

Roy Durham said...

I thing you found the pot of gold, it is just wonderful I real like it. thank you for being on the hop great poem and god bless

Melissa Tandoc said...

I'd say this is definitely you Jim! What a wonderful way to portray colors through nature :). I love the chameleon changing hues with wherever it comes close to...

God's beauty is all around me...that's why I love it :)

BlogNostics said...

Jim, your poem defines you and it suits your page. The theme blended well with your love of nature. Keep it up!

Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

Love your poem and the photo is perfect! The last verse holds so much meaning.

Nomadic Samuel said...

Jim, lovely poetry. If one was to pick a favorite color they'd be missing out on truly seeing the others :)