Thursday, July 14, 2011

Yoga for Hippos: Travel Photo Thursday July 14th

It's Travel Photo Thursday so here's a cool picture - a hippo doing yoga.
Cobra position- but I could be wrong.
Very good exercise, gets that curve in the lower back lithe and supple.

This was taken in Chobe National Park last May. After my EHRA 2 week volunteer project (second time) with desert elephants in Namibia in May, I joined up with Russell Frankish of Greenbushpig Safaris, guide for Britz Rentals self drive 4WD, on a 13 day tour of Botswana from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls and return.

Chobe river front has many hippo. Take either a riverboat cruise with one of the many operators such as  Zambesi Queen  or your lodge can organise day game drives by small outboard boat. You can drive through via the many tracks but best viewing is from the river.

Exciting stuff. Mornings and evenings are best game viewing times when herds of animals grazing further inland must come down for water. Elephants, Cape Buffalo, gazelle, kudu, baboons, giraffe and if you are really lucky you'll see lion.
Take a look at this photo- giraffe, hippo and elephant all in the same frame.

Note how most of the elephants are tails towards us and looking either at the hippo, or at the bushline.
That tells you they're not too worried about us quietly cruising up in the boat. They knew we were there, but they're more concerned with the hippo or perhaps a lion hiding in the bushes representing the greatest danger.

Over at Nancie's Budget travelers Sandbox you'll see a great photo of ''The Dingle" at Halifax, Nova Scotia. Follow the links there to other fantastic traveller's photos being listed for Travel Photo Thursday.

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S. Susan Deborah said...

Reading the title, I thought Yogasavvy had come up with something new on her workshop menu. Lovely stills, Jim. What camera do you own? the picture seem real and tangible.


Joy always,

sulekkha said...

Fantastic pictures, Jim. And I love the yoga pose of the curvy Hippo...Safari sounds fun.

Jim said...

Susan it's a Canon SX IS 10 with 20 times optical. A good sized superzoom instead of going to dSLRs.
Not too bad reproduction though.

Hi Sulekkha, I thought the photo was rather funny and yeah, thought of Yogasavvy when I was reviewing it on the computer.
Note how scarred it is on the back...lion attacks.

JIM said...

I do envy you lol Great images ..I always look forward to your blog.. I'll stumble this

Rimly said...

God Jim you have an exciting life! Those pictures are spectacular.

wandering educators said...

cool photos! i LOVE hippos (from a distance). they have such huge body weight, yet are so graceful in water.

Kymri / Mira Terra said...

Ha! I love a post that has me laughing out loud in the first sentence, very good! Great name for a band "yoga for hippos", lol!

Eileen Ludwig said...

These are great and the story is informative. Come post your url at photo Thursday

I have followed and liked your page


Evan said...

Great photo--they are so huge. How dangerous are they?

Debbie Beardsley @ European Travelista said...

I love the animals of Africa! These are great pictures of amazing creatures.

Cathy Sweeney said...

That really does look like the cobra position -- who knew that hippos did yoga??! Great pics, Jim. The giraffe, hippo and elephant in same frame makes it look like Paradise.

Roy Durham said...

i like the photo safari and the animals. i am going to have to get a good camera and go on a photo safari here. i have been told that the is a black rhino here somewhere. and some other unusual animals beside moose, deer , bear, mountain lions, badgers and who knows what i can get on film. thank you for the safari and god bless

Michael Figueiredo said...

Could this be considered "Downward Hippo" pose? :) Cool shots Jim!

Jim said...

JIM, you'll have to get over to Africa. Exciting place for the photographer, scenery, people and the occasional animal that wanders across your path unexpectedly.

Hi Rimly, my exciting life is because I have a very prudent wife, beavering away at saving up for that next trip! She asks that I not talk about her, but she's very much a part of what I write about here. But on this last trip, she went to UK, while I was getting chased by animals in Africa.

Wandering EDs, yep, they sure are. Got a story to tell about one wandering around our tent at night.

Hi Kymri, you have amazing photos on your site, and was good to see the Namibia photos!

Thanks Eileen, will be over to see your Thursday offering.

Hiya Evan,
Most dangerous animal in Africa I have heard said. Those jaws have tusks that come together like a bacon slicer and chop a man in half.Keep clear of them.

Hi Debbie, nice to see you here. Keep checking in, I have a lot more. Took heaps of photos this time.

Yes Cathy, I thought that photo could sum it all up, that there is so much wildlife there. But the reality is that in other parts of Africa, wildlife is fast being wiped out.

Roy, I'll have to keep egging you on to get that good camera and get out there. Why do you think there's a rhino wandering around there? Where did it escape from?

Hi Michael, thanks , but you do really great photography yourself...I am so impressed when I get over to your site!

Roy Durham said...

that just what i have been told. that someone has one some where around here, but i believe it when i see it. and i will get a picture. we have a island in the great salt lake that some big game hunting outfit has animals on they hunt, reportedly the animals are old animal that zoo no longer want or can not be turn loose in the wild. don't like the idea myself. and they stay out of the news as much as possible. but i will get some pic. you bet. thank you and god bless

Denise @ the art of slow travel said...

I've seen hippos do many things, but never yoga!

Denise @ the art of slow travel

RyukyuMike said...

Always a pleasure, your photos and the stories that go along with them !

Dangerous Linda said...

like a grown-up version of the jungle cruise ride at disneyland i loved as a child.

very interesting commentary about the elephants and their orientation.

i love stopping by here for an exciting photo fix and a little education -- thanks!

crazy sexy fun traveler said...

Hippo yoga hahaha, amazing!

Sebab said...

Some amazing pictures! I always wanted to visit Africa and hopefully someday!

Cruise Pictures

Nancie said...

Great shots Jim. I've not been to Africa, but I have had the opportunity to get up close and personal with elephants in Thailand, and I did a 2 day jungle tour in Borneo. Running after an orangutan in the jungle was nothing short of amazing!

Thanks for posting to Travel Photo Thursday.

Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

Your photos are excellent. I love the hippos. The scene at the river is very peaceful. The fact that the elephants didn't care that you were there but were watching for lions or something else that might prey on them is very interesting.