Thursday, September 27, 2012

Moving Mountains To The Sea: Fiordland Impressions.

Time is a patient, tireless sculptor.
Wind, rain and temperature extremes
slowly crafting Nature's landscape:
moving mountains to the sea.

Where an icicle is crying
kissed by Springtime's warming breeze,
there, a stream of tears is falling
on their journey to the seas.

Swaying fern fronds reach to gather
every droplet falling free.
Running to their hearts they trickle
washing the mossy feet of trees.

Where they meet and flood together,
there, the birthing of mountain stream.
Cascading torrents, remorseless forces
moving mountains to the sea.

Every glacier bears its burden.
Every deluge washes free
rocks and boulders, sand and gravel:
every mountain meets the sea.

Through the infinity of ages
all the mountains that we see,
where a string of tears is falling
mountains are moving to the sea.