Saturday, July 2, 2011

What Does Freedom Mean?

What Does Freedom Mean To Me?                           

Yes it can be about all these situations the dictionary states - Personal liberty, non-slavery; civil liberty, independence; liberty of action, right to do; power of self-determination, independence of fate or necessity.

But on a more immediate, or personal level it may just be that sensation of relief when a huge emotional burden has lifted - perhaps the realisation that you no longer need to feel overly concerned, or worry about another person, and their health or well-being.

This post is a wee bit late for this "Freedom" blog tour, because we had a visitor; a person we have had little contact with for a very long time. We've often thought about her, tried to keep contact, but for various reasons she cut us off. Being my God-child, I always felt I needed to be there for her, watching out for her. But living in different cities, and with the many hurts that were visited upon her in her early life, she cut herself off from her extended family. On my part, I often thought of her...wondered what she was her kids were....

Facebook is a marvellous method of communication.
It allows a neutral territory for people to re-ignite old friendships. And so it was that my two daughters began a conversation with my niece, my God-daughter, which lead to her paying us a visit. I was overwhelmed with joy, with relief that she could be part of our lives. As for her, she now realises that there is a big family of cousins, and Aunts and Uncles out there she can be part of. She's reaching out now, and we made sure she knew she was welcome!

She and I had time to talk on our own. She said she had been so scared of being rejected she cut us all out. So I told her how much I really appreciated her and her reaching out.

Amazing how when we were talking, that a huge cloud of anxiety lifted, replaced with a sense of relief.
Later on when my wife and I were chatting, I remarked of how I felt a cloud had lifted. A huge weight had tumbled out of the way.

So yes Freedom.
Finally. Phew, what a relief! Freedom! That feels so good.
Freedom to just be friends.

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Julia said...

Love the new look of the site, Jim. And great to read that you;re back in touch with your God-daughter.

Jim said...

Thanks Julia. Gee you are quick around here. Yes, really nice to be able to be friends again!

alejandro guzman said...

Nice and everything works


JANU said...

All is well that ends well.To the new beginnings..Cheers!

Rimly said...

I agree with you Jim. When you can let go of something that is making you unhappy is being free. For me too when I let go of pain and hurt it is freedom for me. Beautifully written. I am so glad you managed to connect with your god daughter.

tbaoo said...

i have the official job as comment tester, a role i take very seriously .. thanks jim

tbaoo said...

i have the official job as comment tester, a role i take very seriously .. thanks jim

sulekkha said...

Beautiful and touching post about freedom, it sure means all the things you said, loved your take on it.Jim, great post and thanks for sharing...

Cathy Sweeney said...

I love this post, Jim and relate to it personally. I know that feeling of freedom, too. I've recently been back in touch with my very special niece after several years (ignited by Facebook as well!). When we got together in person a few months ago -- it was like you said "a cloud had lifted".

Jim said...

Thanks everyone. And has been said, a new beginning, not just for relationships, but also for this site with new layout.

Nelieta said...

Very true Jim! Social Networks like Facebook can be a blessing and a curse. Glad you got connected with special people :)

Jim said...

Hi Cathy,
That's real nice you were able to re-connect also. And yes, it's a clear sky now for us all.

Hi Nelieta,Anything humans invent has a good side and a downside. Seems we just need to use it thoughtfully.
There'll always be someone who doesn't.
Like my daughter who visits and jumps on my account when I haven't logged out!

Jim said...
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Unknown said...

Love your new avatar Jim - looks real good! So glad you got a little taste of freedom from this experience.

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Thank you for sharing this Jim. Yes, emotional freedom is a very powerful thing. I'm so glad you could reconnect and feel free of your anxiety!

Jenny-B said...

I like this - emotional freedom. What a treasure.

Marcia said...

I'm so glad you're in touch with your niece again. It's difficult for families when there's a break - I feel your deep sense of relief. Happy for you.
Meanwhile, I'll check you out at TBEX.

Jessica M said...

Great new look to your blog! I love the pics and look forward to your next post and discovering what awaited you in the early hours of morning the next day.

Shelley Workinger said...

You really said it all in 2 words: "Freedom. Phew!" ;)

Unknown said...

The new look here is oh so WOW. And am glad healing has begun. Thank you for sharing and for joining the blog tour.
Best wishes - Dora