Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Hey guys, Bret Love of Green Global Travel  has come up with this great idea so here's the a blurb about TRAVEL BLOGGERS GIVE BACK.


You can copy the below post to your own site to encourage your respective followers to participate. There are a lots who have expressed interest. Feel free to use this or alter it however you like for your site, and let us know once it's posted so we can spread via FB/Twitter/etc.

The concept for Travel Bloggers Give Back is simple: We will use our time and energy to convince as many travel bloggers as we possibly can to post stories on their sites between now and Christmas Day about their favorite charity organizations.

 The goal? 

To use the power of our collective voice to convince our readers to give whatever they can to the charities nearest and dearest to our hearts.

Want to take part? Here’s what you need to do:

1) Let Us Know You’re Participating
Leave a comment below or hashtag #TBGB on Twitter to let us know you want to lend your voice to the cause. We will immediately put a link to your website on our “Our Favorite Sites” page under a special Travel Bloggers Give Back section (reciprocal links appreciated, but not a requirement).

2) Post Something!
The story should include information about the charity’s history, mission, what they use donations for, and why they’re personally important to the blogger, with a link at the end to the donation page on the organization’s website. We’ll be posting one charity spotlight per week between now and Christmas, but every blogger can do as many or as few posts as they want.

3) Spread the Love!
Share your stories via Facebook, StumbleUpon and Twitter (making sure to hashtag #TBGB so everyone participating can see them). We will promote every single TBGB post via *ALL* of our social networks, and ask everyone participating to do the same.
Imagine the attention we could draw to various charitable causes! Imagine the money we could help raise! Imagine the impact it could have in establishing bloggers as people who care enough about this world we travel to use our clout to help make it better! We think it will be win-win for everyone involved, and very much in the spirit of holiday giving. Like the Whos down in Whoville, let’s raise our collective voice to help start a Movement of Giving!

Stop Press. 
We have set up a Facebook page here- www.facebook.com/groups
where you can register your article link. Members are asked to also share the links posted there as much as they can.



photos by jan said...

I am not a travel blogger but what a wonderful thing you are doing. <3<3<3

AJ said...

Blogging for a good cause - thanks for the idea, Jim and Bret. Just a wee bit busy now but I think I can make the before Christmas deadline. :)

Aussie on the Road said...

I'd love to participate in the event. I've got a few ideas too :-)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea and way to spread the love...this time of year is especially difficult for many charities, especially those that provide basic needs for people like food, clothing etc.

I think this is a grand idea, and like A, I think I can contribute before Christmas...just a bit busy right this second... :D

Thanks for sharing this idea Jim!
@jonesbabie on Twitter

Bret @ Green Global Travel said...

Jim, you are too kind. Much of the credit for the idea goes to you! More than anyone, you've encouraged people to do more charitable acts through their blogs. All we did was come up with a concept to help put it into action. It's like the blogger equivalent of a telethon...

Jim said...

Thanks Jan, doesn't take much for you to get involved. Just blog about your charity, and then we share your post and you do what you can to share others.

Jim said...

Anything you can do AJ will be appreciated. If you don't have time to write an article, just concentrate on sharing whatever you can.

Jim said...

Thanks Aussie, knew you'd be in! Great stuff!

Jim said...

Cathy, thanks. Much appreciated! Hopefully we can create an event which encourages people to donate also!

Jim said...

Hi Bret, I love seeing ideas get into reality. And you are the guy driving this so you have my full support.
As Melvin says, it could become a regular event.

Anonymous said...

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