Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary: YouTube Tuesday.

My wife and two daughters volunteered in 2009 at Namibia's Naankuse wildlife sanctuary, 45kms west of the capital of Windhoek. Feeding cheetah, petting caracal cats, throwing meat over the fence to the largest lions you can imagine, or just walking around with a baboon on our heads was real exciting entertainment, and a time never to be forgotten.

3 legged Lucky is surrogate mother to any orphan cub brought to Naankuse sanctuary.

There was some hard, hot and sweaty work also; digging foundation trenches in the dry rocky ground for a school was back-breaking work, but with many willing enthusiastic volunteers of all ages taking it in turns, they were completed. Upon our return home we followed progress on the construction of the new school for the area's San Bushman children. The sanctuary has built basic houses for several San families, employs them as farm and sanctuary workers, and they keep the toilets and laundry blocks spotless!
Naankuse has also taken the task of providing basic education for their San children on board, largely through the efforts of Gill, an amazingly enthusiastic volunteer. Kay thoroughly enjoyed her time helping in the wee school, temporarily situated under a shelter at one end of the volunteer accommodation blocks.

Let's share in the opening of Naankuse's Clever Cubs School.

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Bongo said...

Cool like what Z does in Honduras...As always...XOXOXOXO


Mary Hudak-Collins livingthescripture.com said...

Jim, absolutely spectacular! You are involved in so many projects that help to provide to the needy. You should be proud of you and all the volunteer's accomplishments!

Jim said...

Thanks Bonnie. So Z is helping out down there?What is the project? Great stuff.

Jim said...

Hi Mary, was a very rewarding time and more so that we can follow progress via Youtube as they post up more videos of the kids going to that school and on to main schools in Windhoek.

Unknown said...

How happy those kids must be, and loved the song :)


Rachel Hoyt said...

How exciting! I love the name of the school. :) And... I wish all kids everywhere were that excited about school! :)

Nelieta said...

This is really wonderful work that you have been doing Jim!

tbaoo said...

absolutely wonderful jim .. :) my tuesday is far less philanthropic http://www.tbaoo.com/2011/10/31/tbaoo-is-lazy-for-youtube-tuesday/