Monday, October 31, 2011

Look through any window, door or archway... Magnificent Monday Oct 31st.

Hiya everyone and welcome to another Magnificent Monday to kick this week along. I'm late; been tiling our new sun room, and laying those tiles then spreading and cleaning all the grouting has really locked up my joints, but a brisk walk with the dog and I've loosened up enough to get this article moving!

This week - "Look through any window, door, or archway."

What do you see?

Sometimes the most unexpected sight can be found beyond a new door or archway, as was the case for us when we visited Szentendre Village, 30 minutes by train North of Budapest, Hungary. We knew of its reputation as an artist's village, and were not disappointed. We enjoyed the high quality and range of style of pottery, painting, sculpture and other arts and crafts displayed on the sidewalks and in the wee shops, or little markets, but when we set off to explore more of the village, we truly didn't expect the sight that awaited us. Wandering down a small road, we peeked through an arched gateway to see what we thought was just an old building.
An abandoned building?

Old commercial buildings fascinate me; I have a love for them. Not those cold, old concrete shells, or the stark steel and shattered glass buildings, but warm, colourful, cake-crumbly buildings like this, where each brick laid by hand bears the fingerprints of old time experienced craft tradesmen. Derelict brick factories resonate with my need to know more about their history; why they were built, what industry or trade was carried out within them, how the workers and staff lived, worked, ate and breathed in them? To me they are not empty; they are still alive and lightly breathing, just resting but awaiting a new phase in their cycle of existence; perhaps a renovation, or a conversion? 

Demolition doesn't mean the end of that building; each re-claimed brick has a new life in some other building or new home, fence, shed, or decorative paving; the "soul" of that building lives on, albeit in another form. A metaphor for life perhaps?

This abandoned building we discovered was "alive"! "People" inhabit the building, watching from the windows, climbing the walls or about to jump to the ground.

I was enthralled with how this village's innovative authorities have commissioned an artist to turn this scungy, derelict factory into a living art work. Instead of a run down eyesore, this old brick building, well past its ''use-by'' date, was now transformed into the most eye pleasing modern art.

What did I say about an old building still living on?

Tradesmen continue working in the building that breathes again.

And if they don't like living there, they can jump out and take off!

I wonder if the artist has created this artwork to portray the same concept of a building's "life force" that I appreciate when I see old brick factories like this?
 Has the artist sculptured to merely record the past history of the building, or is he trying to show how the "Life" of the building continues?
If only they could talk, what stories they could tell?

More about - Szentendre Village

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AJ said...

What an ingenious way of beautifying and using an old abandoned building! Very interesting indeed. I wonder what inspired the artist.

I linked an old post on Angkor Wat. There's a photo there captioned "A Peek to the Past". Looking through windows and into doors not only lets us glimpse another culture or world; it also leads us to another time.

Sophie said...

What a creative way to keep an old abandoned building alive! I was in Szentendre about 20 years ago and remember it is a lovely and lively little town.

Reiza said...

This is just a brilliant way of putting a rotting building into good news, but it kind of freaked me out, the building being alive and all.

Here's my entry for Magnificent Monday:


Nancie said...

What a great series of shots, and a fantastic way to revitalize an old building.

Jen said...

i love buildings that have artwork in motion like that. It always has a feeling of whimsy that i love!!

Cathy Sweeney said...

I love how this building in Szentendre Village was transformed into art that tells such an interesting story! Very creative.

John in France said...

This artist would have a field day around the globe - well maybe not in Christchurch, as we're a bit short on these buildings now!!!! Absolutely brilliant.

Tameka said...

What a wonderfully worn building. I loved the blue people that are still in residence as well. You are a genius in capturing this kind of TRUE beauty!

David said...

Love what the artist did with the abandoned building..A great idea that should be applied around the globe instead of letting the structure fall upon itself. Thought the Blue Man Group was hanging out there :)

Scott - Quirky Travel Guy said...

I love this! Turning ignored and abandoned objects into artwork is one of the best things people can do for a community.

Easy Hiker said...

Amusing photos!

Hey Jim, Better late than never. I've posted a Magnificent Monday submission on Tuesday. Hope you'll forvie me for being late. Will to be more punctual next time.

Alfandi said...

Abandoned buildings in our tropical weather here..? Bats, rodents, pythons, cobras, centipedes, spiders and other naturally residing wildlife that moves in weeks after you move out. Don't mind me though..I love the artwork on the building that you photographed..

Jim said...

Hi A J, I have been thinking about the artist's concept for this much of the energy of the workers who inhabited that factory lives on perhaps?

Jim said...

Still that way Sophie, clean, attractive, lots of old architecturally interesting buildings, and stuffed full of arts.

Jim said...

Reiza, haven't you explored an old building and felt the hairs on the back of your neck rise?

Jim said...

Hi Nancie, I pulled that first shot out to post up then began thinking about the building and the sculptures and the artist's intention, so ended up adding the rest. Was going to be a series of pics from all over the world but felt the concept of using an old building as an artwork needed exploring.

Grace said...

Very clever use of art in this space. Love the exposed bricks- adds such a lot of character.

Anonymous said...

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