Thursday, August 25, 2011

This Moment: Friday 26th Aug.

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So who is this cool rappin' dude?

Let's discover the story behind the photo - 

The young San Bushman boy above doing the rappa signs is Kanna. Kanna's family live and work on N/a'an Kuse', a wildlife sanctuary 45kms east of Namibia's capital Windhoek. Kanna is one of the last persons in southern Africa to contract Poliomyelitis, a viral disease that can affect nerves and can lead to partial or full paralysis. Many people will remember the polio epidemics of the 1950-60's that swept though until the development of oral vaccines eliminated it from Western countries. Residual pockets still exist in 4 countries- Nigeria, Afghanistan, northern India and Pakistan. In the near future it may be totally wiped out as has been smallpox, a huge achievement for medicine. As a custom shoemaker, I have many clients needing my skills as paralysis also often affects the growth of the foot or limb.

In August 2009 my wife and I met our daughters, Emma currently living in UK, and Elissa from Wellington and volunteered at N/a'an Kuse' wildlife sanctuary and rehabilitation centre. I noticed Kanna limping around so took measurements home, and duly sent across a pair of boots to enable him to dress in uniform and get off to school in Windhoek, just like all the other kids! Kanna's big smile is here- kannas-big-smile.html

On my last trip to Namibia I took over another pair as he's a fast growing lad now! Posted them in Swakopmund, beginning April. Then in early August I checked with N/a'an Kuse' boots. Oh dear. Postal service in Namibia is shockingly inept.

How delighted I was to get an email this week from Lucy at N/a'an Kuse' to say they had arrived!
Yahooo! Kanna's boots fit!

But I think he needs a pair for rage dancing don't you reckon?

Young Kanna and the Clever Cubs kids Aug 2009.



Melissa Tandoc said...

This so beautiful Jim :)Your sharing has touched me. I love the way you wove magic for Kanna through the shoes you make (oh, oopss boots now)...

My brother's involved in looking for a solution to eradicate polio, being the Virology head in my country. I hope they do so soon.

This is the first among the moments I saw today, what a good start ;)

Jim said...

That's very interesting that your brother is involved in that virology work Melissa.
I hope they can eradicate it soon.

Nelieta said...

What a wonderful gesture Jim! He does look happy :)


Jim said...

He's a cool dude. I really like the guy.

alejandro said...

Gangsta!! brilliant Jim

Unknown said...

Wow! What an interesting story Jim :) Love the photo.

Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

How special of you to take such good care of this young man. Something he will cherish for a lifetime!

Anonymous said...

Wow Jim, your moment and mine are quite similar with mine being about working with those in need too :-)

Nice moment, photos and post!

Here is mine:


JIM said...

Hats off to you Jim and not just for this post.. It is so rewarding to touch a life or two like you did here. I really enjoyed reading this post more then many!!!

Jim said...

Hi Mari, Yes I hope to get across and see him again one day.

Hi Anna, San Buhman kids don't have an easy life. Often bullied at school because they're generally smaller, lighter stature, and Bushmen are marginalised in society.

Jim said...

Hi Mike, I better go check yours out.

Good to see you back JIM> Yes it was very frustrating taking the schoes across, then arranging to have them posted in Swakopmund just to go to Windhoek, to come back home and find they took 2 months to get there!
So i was very thrilled to hear early this week they finally arrived.

photos by jan said...

beautiful gift, beautiful moment...thank you for sharing. How blessed he an so many others are to have you in their life.

Bongo said...

Interesting,,,As always...XOXOXO

Alpana Jaiswal said...

thank u sharing this with us...u are a special person,Jim

Anonymous said...

How interesting. You are such a kind hearted, caring person. It's such a joy to see people who care enough to help out someone in need.

Pokey's Pals said...

Oh, Jim. That is so sweet. It is amazing the difference a good pair of shoes can make. I definitely think he needs a pair for rage dancing! :)