Sunday, August 14, 2011

Magnificent Monday: I love...

It's Magnificent Monday again and this week's  theme is -  "I Love...".
So post about something you love!

For myself I could say my wife Kay, but she doesn't let me talk about her on here.

So here's something else I love-
 I love... looking through our travel photo albums.

 These date back to 1974, the year we travelled to UK and Europe for 6 months: our big overseas experience or OE as it is commonly called. An OE is a 'right of passage' for many young New Zealanders and as newlyweds we took off on our big adventure. That adventuring spirit has stayed with us, and travel has been up there near the top of our priorities in life.
This picture of La Sagrada Familia, we sent home as a postcard from Barcelona. No email or digital cameras in those days, almost 40 years ago! In our album of this period are many brochures, postcards and a few pics we actually took on what was all the go then - an Instamatic camera by Kodak.

During this weeks tour around several travelblog sites, a couple of articles were about Barcelona, and I was fascinated by their photos of La Sagrada Familia. I intend seeking those sites out again and seeing if we can compare their photo against this. The cathedral of Gaudi has been under construction since 1882. It would also be interesting to compare the skyline, the changes in the surrounding buildings since this photo was taken.

So if any visiting travel bloggers see this and have a current photo I hope you contact me and we'll post it up, with a credit and link to your site. Thanks!

Looking out over Barcelona from the central edifice gallery of Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia Sept 1974.
That dark haired beauty is my young wife. I sneaked this photo in here...sshh.   Sept 2009

Comparing these pics shows a lot has happened in the past 37 years!

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Next week's theme- ROCKS.
Rocks? Yep. Think about it...we build a lot of stuff out of rocks, rock textures, there is life under rocks, getting caught between a rock and a hard place, rocky mountains, boats rock on water, Beatles rock, Elvis rocks! Let's rock this place!



Jessica M said...

Stunning photos Jim...they must have been amazing moments! I always love the chance to look at old photo albums :)

Alfandi said...

Beautiful..I've read about it..there is even an Alan Parson's Project's song on this..

AJ said...

Funny, I was just reading an article about Barcelona before this. Anyway, you've been traveling for a loooooong time, Jim! I hope you post more of your instamatic photos. I love how they've yellowed through the years.

ian said...

i have always been intrigued by the la sagrada familia church on what is taking for the church so long to get finished.... the old photo looks amazing just wished they could have regulated the buildings around the church so we can still see the entirety of the structure just like before....

Dangerous Linda said...

nice blog

(couldn't resist!)

but, seriously, nice blog ;-)

Cakes said...


What a beautiful moment count me in for rocks next week..


Cinderita said...

La Sagrada familia was my very favorite place I've ever been to...I sat on the floor and cried I was so moved. It's breathtaking. Thanks for reminding me.

sheril benedict said...

wow look at that pic it great and its really nice to look at the old albums .1974 traveled to UK and Europe whew... so early ???

Ann said...

Beautiful photos--I also like looking at travel photos! Approximately the same time as your trip , I ( with a friend) traveled around the USA for 4 months...and have been lucky enough to go back to many of the places again in the following years!

ian said...

Hi Jim!

Posted a link already.... thanks! my favorite place in the world!

JIM said...

lol Jim how can we not include our wives that put up with us !!! Great images JIm, obviously I am in favor of albums lol!!! Really love the cathedral what a great structure!!!

Steve Cox said...

This is Monday Memory - you really should give the credit to the original source of the idea, not just steal it as your own.

Stephanie - The Travel Chica said...

I love looking through my old travel photos too. When I left for my Latin America sabbatical, I got rid of all my albums and made my photos digital. So now I can look through them anytime I want from anywhere in the world.

Melissa Tandoc said...

hmmm...I love revisiting my old photo albums too but I'd look mostly on my siblings and how we 'mutated' or 'evolved' :P

A lot has indeed changed with the years, I wonder how it looked inside then...

and shhh...I wasn't even born in 1974...

Your wife's very beautiful.


photos by jan said...

Hmm I seem to run out of adjectives after a few of your photos. Stunning, beautiful, fantastic, exhilarating all seem to fit. I too love going through our old photos, although I have never left the country nor the state in recent years.

BTW I am still having a time with blogger. Doesn't seem to work so this weeks post is a it lacking. Sorry.

Loved yours.

Bec Owen said...

Thank you so much for sharing some of your precious memories with us! I love seeing the difference in the skyline between the two pics of the really is a most amazing building!

Really enjoying Magnificent Mondays and visiting everyone's blogs!

Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

I love and treasure my albums too. All the family photos are my favorites. Your wife is a beauty and it's nice to see this photo of her. I've always wanted to visit Spain and see Gaudi's architecture.

Jim said...

Thanks for all the comments everyone. I will post up some of our old travel photos- getting them scanned on to digital in case they deteriorate further.

As to Steve Cox's comment- I am involved in several themes- Youtube Tuesday,Travel Photo Thursday, Friday This Moment.
I know nothing about a Monday Moment, unless you're talking about Mary's Monday Moment- which I've discussed with her.
I'm sure it occurs eslewhere as the blogging world is huge but there is only 7 days of the week.
Perghaps great minds think alike Steve!

Dylan Morrison Author said...

The home of the world's greatest soceer team too.

The Cathedral still isn't finished by the way.

Maureen said...

What awesome pictures! They really make me want to travel more - thanks for sharing!

Average Travekker said...

I looked through my other pics of La Sagrada Familia and will try to make a post of them this week. I don't have a lot of wide shots so you'll have to work with some closeups!

Debra said...

Love these oldies! Magnificent!

Nelieta said...

Great photos!

Jim said...

Who could forget that , Dylan! Like your dream site!

HHi Maureen, yes I have often wanted to start posting up some of our old pics from our early travels.

Would like to see your pics of La Sagrada Familia Average Traveller. Perhaps we cross post or you post yours here and I post my early one on your site?

Hi Debra, a lot of really nice memories of our lives together bound up in our old travel albums.
Not quite the same these days is it? With albums online.

Cathy Sweeney said...

I've always loved looking through photo albums, too. In the past few years, it's mostly on my computer. I'm a little afraid that if I don't get them printed and in albums, I'm going to lose them all in a hard disk crash.

The photo of Kay is a treasure!

Jim said...

Yes Cathy, if we leave them they will fade more, so I'm starting to scan them and keep them on SD cards or dvd disc as well as print some off.
At least burn all yours to DVD disc, they hold heaps!

I have been very tempted to post about a beautiful girl I met, with photos through the ages. But I am under strict instructions about that!Ha!

sulekkha said...

Great pictures but my favorite is of your young beautiful wife's stunning pic :)

Finding One's Way said...


wonderful images. It is amazing all the wonderful places you and your wife have seem.... Thank you for sharing with us.


Jim said...

Hi Sulekkha,
ssshhh, she doesn't know she's on here. But yes, she still is a beautiful lady.

Hi Jessica, I'm not sure how we have done it, but bringing up kids, a mortgage etc we still managed to travel, even if it was around New Zealand in an old caravan with kids in nappies!

Eileen Ludwig said...

Hard to decide on one topic I love. This was an all day from 8am to now project and everything else got left in the dust. I picked Halloween because i love the Fall and the Holiday.

Jim said...

Hi Eileen,
Any theme we have will be kept lose so as we can get a broad interpretation. Makes it more interesting and fun to see what bloggers come up with.
Rocks for next week so plenty of buildings built from rocks to blog!

alejandro said...

well done Jim on the post and replying to Steve