Friday, August 19, 2011

Young Brown Eyes: A Song

There was a moment in time
when I could have chose crime,
then a young brown eyed woman walked in.
As she opened the door,
she showed me there's more,
I learned how to live life again.

They shine with a light
through the years they stayed bright
for the young girl who became my bride.
When I think back in time
to the day they became mine,
I remember young brown eyes that shine.

Some times have been hard
the crippling mortgage,
and the times making our love stretch thin.
Then I'd think back in time
that first glance at mine,
and fall in love with young brown eyes again.

There's a touch of the grey
we may fade away
and my memory may have to strain,
but as I look back in time
at a girl I made mine,
I remember young brown eyes again.

Green Park, London. 1974.



Melissa Tandoc said...

I've read all the possible love stories and watched movies with similar theme and yet love always comes as a mystery to me. There's just no one fixed formula to it.

What truly boggles my mind is how would one know if THIS IS IT... I loved how it went with your life.

You are right about two things :)
on not letting pride overrun the love that you've built through the years and going back to the memories of how you first met and fell in love.

While many people discourage me to marry... I find this story truly encouraging and positive. I just wish there are still men who are capable of committing themselves for a lifetime :)...God can you hear me?

I'm with you in prayers. I hope for a repost or a bigger one on your anniversary in 2012 :)

Thanks for sharing.

Dangerous Linda said...

so sweet -- this makes me teary! congratulations on 40 years (?) and thank you for sharing your story.

Jessica Brant said...


Congrats on your 40th that is amazing that you have been with the same lady for so long.

I guess you are the true example that true love lasts and one can find it



Pamela said...

Beautiful, touching, lovely, and CONGRATS! You both stuck to it out and it's refreshing to hear the love story!

Bec Owen said...

Your song is a beautiful tribute, Jim! As you say, it's important to not let pride stand in the way of your feelings, and also to remember what it is that you love about the other person...remember why you fell in love with them in the first place.

Congratulations to both you and Kay on your upcoming anniversary. May you continue to grow in love together. ❤

eileen ludwig said...


Might want to customize your share buttons so they reference your twitter account and not @addany - it would be nice to give you recognition

Christina said...

What a wonderful testament to the fact that life writes the most beautiful stories. Thanks for sharing yours with us! And congratulations to you both!

Larry Lewis said...

40 years married, yet every photo you show, every word you write, you two could be newly weds. You have a magic and its beautiful to see

Karl said...

this is just heartwarming. you two remind me of my folks. my dad's song for my mom's Morning Girl. So where are you going to spend your upcoming anniversary then?