Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Travel Photo Thursday April 21.

Travel Photo Thursday is this picture taken 10 years ago this week.

With Japan facing nuclear disaster at Fukushima after a devastating earthquake and a tsunami, we are reminded of visiting Japan so long ago. Here is a photo of our pilgrimage to Hiroshima Peace Memorial, a reminder of Japan's other worst disasters- World War 2 and the atomic and hydrogen bombs dropped by the Americans to end that conflict.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial UNESCO Heritage Site.
 The Hiroshima Peace Memorial is located just across the river from the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park where there is a museum That provides a graphic portrayal of the destruction and death wrought by the bomb on Hiroshima, but in contrast outside in the park is peace and beauty...and crowds of visitors.   We struck many groups of schoolchildren  that brilliant Spring day.  We had missed the best of the cherry blossoms but were able to admire many late flowering varieties. Our trip to Japan was to attend our nephews marriage to a Japanese girl he had met in Auckland, New Zealand.  We don't have a lot of photographs of the trip as in those days of early digital photography, memory sticks had tiny capacity, 8- 64 megabytes and were hellishly expensive.

But here are a couple of standout photos of Andrew and Emi. They have 3 children now, and are currently visiting her family in Kobe, Japan. 

On  Budget Traveler's Sandbox  Nancie has her usual great Thusday Travel Photo up.
Inle Lake is one of her favorite places in Myanmar. Take a look!



Julia said...

Great photos, Jim. It's definitely all eyes on Japan at the moment for not good reasons, unfortunately.

sheril benedict said...

wow a trip to this memorial ll be a nice one

Debbie Beardsley @ European Travelista said...

Enjoyed this picture. Would love to visit Hiroshima one day.

Michael Figueiredo (struxtravel) said...

Very nice photos, Jim. :)

Cathy Sweeney said...

I didn't know about this site that portrays the destruction of war, but that is wonderfully named for peace. I like the photos of Andrew and Emi, too -- very nice.

Leigh said...

Just had a friend and her mom over for dinner - and the mom is Japanese from Hiroshima. She lived in Canada during the war & was going to be sent back to Japan where much of her family was - but who knows if she'd be alive today. She still ended up in a Japanese prisoner camp in Canada - a part of our history none of us is proud of. Your pictures are timely reminders of the horror of war. But I always love the hope & happiness of the wedding.

Jim said...

Leigh, that was the contrast I was hoping readers would pick up on.... The stark reminder of conflict between our countries and Japan, and of how later generations have got over that.

Sophie said...

Can't help but remember the days when digital photography is so expensive.