Thursday, April 14, 2011

Travel Photo Thursday April 14th. Cappadocia.

For Travel Photo Thursday this is a picture taken in Cappadocia, Turkey.

Shot way back in January 2001 on my first ever digital camera, a Sony Cybershot. 2 or 3 megapixel was the standard with that first generation of brick sized cameras, with a Memory Stick of 8MBs or maybe 32MBs. Eventually I was able to purchase 126MB sticks and shooting at 3 megapixel I could take a screed of photos. The early years of digital cameras were dominated by having to review every shot I'd taken to delete all but the best, to make more room on my Memory Sticks to continue. I could fill up all my memory stick capacity in just a few days, so a lot of good photos reluctantly had to be ditched. 
Finally the camera got ditched- I still have it but it is just for taking photos of shoes at work.

My travelling cameras can accommodate memory cards of awesome capacity. But I stick with 2GB as the risk of having cameras stolen and along with it will go all my photos if I'm using huge capacity cards. So I like to fill 2GB cards, then store those separately from my camera. In the past 4 overseas trips I have seen travelling companions lose or have their cameras stolen. Each time they lost all their photos. So the tip is that I feel it is better to have many smaller cards- 2GB is good, change when full, and store away from your camera.
Check out Budget Travellers Sandbox for Nancie's excellent photo of the Buddha’s feet taken in the small town of Bago, not far from Yangon, Myanmar.



Jessica Brant said...

even with 2 or 3 megapixel camera you take incredible photos.

Cathy Sweeney said...

Love seeing photos of Cappadocia. Such a super-interesting place it appears. Nice photo -- I remember the early days of digital (and before)!

Jessica M said...

Amazing picture....what a cool place to visit! Can you go inside?..

Great advice about the memory cards, btw. For those of us who like pictures (and I can't imagine those like you who travel so much and have such unbelievable ones), few things are more precious than our photos! I'm thinking ofgetting an external hard drive to store my pictures in, I have them mostly on my computer, I'd be devastated if it crashed!

RyukyuMike said...

Good shootin' and great advice. I might add, get some insurance, too. I know cameramen who insure their gear for a million dollars and their stuff isn't worth half that amount !

Nancie said...

Cool shot Jim.

Twice I have lost camera cards, and it makes me cry. I have learned my lesson, I think. Now I download to my external hard drive procrastinating.

Thanks for posting this week!

Jim said...

That's good advice about copying to an external hard drive too. These days it's just so easy and cheap to store on various media... copy to an online site such as flikr, copy to external hard drive, or just buy more memory cards, they're so cheap these days. Whatever you do, never have them stored on 1 media, at least two.