Friday, April 1, 2011

Blogging the A- Z Challenge. A Is For April!

April- the month of the A- Z Challenge. You'll see the badge on the right side of my homepage. Go check it out. Read all the blogs that have entered-  over 1,000 this year.
 Found out about it, signed up then realised what I got myself into. Ah well... onwards and upwards. We'll do our best.
Jen popped in to check me out and welcome me to the Challenge. You'll find her here

April 1st came and went so darn fast I completely missed the first day's post for A


Holly Jahangiri said...

Well...we all got a pass on this for April Fool's Day; if you posted at ALL, it's hard to avoid using the word "a" or mentioning April, right? Or thinking about doing this every day and sighing, "Ay, yi, yi!"

エイプリル said...

Well, better late than Good luck with the challenge!