Friday, April 15, 2011




This will be my third trip to Namibia, and I am really looking forward to it. There's a strong sense of anticipation and excitement at seeing the desert elephants again, of knowing that my wee contribution of building rock walls does help in protecting them, by lessening conflict between elephants and local villagers or farmers.

Online I take every opportunity to publicise Elephant-Human Relations Aid - EHRA, and Naankuse wildlife sanctuary, for the work they and volunteers do in Namibia. It's my way of helping.

This time I will be once more a part of the effort on the ground there with EHRA. 

I have to go...probably the last time I will ever get there. I'm not getting any younger, and while the mind and attitude are certainly young and gung ho, I have to recognise I am not a young guy anymore. Other places are calling out for us to explore. This time Kay will travel to UK while I am dying of thirst in the Namib desert!

Sunset at Brandberg

 Namibia is one of those countries that encaptures you with its varied and beautiful scenery. The vast scarcely populated landscapes, the colorful people, the rich colours of the earth, the variety of terrain, the burning sunsets and diverse wildlife speak to me. It truly is my kind of place. 

 Just click  on the photos to bring them up full size then 'Back' on your browser.

Take a look. Let these pictures speak to you!

Desert flowers southern Namibia.

Crowded waterhole at Etosha.

EHRA elephant patrol.

Kindergarten at Anixab, Damaraland.

Proud beauty of Himba woman.

Dunes at Sossusvlei.

Tree huggers at Dead Vlei.
Solitary desert flower at Fish River Canyon.
Weaverbird nest at sunset.

Okaukuejo Camp waterhole. Etosha.

Dune 45, Sossusvlei.



sheril benedict said...

Atlast i found it thx for this post ..cos i have seen lots of movies which had been shot here ... superb pic i love those zebra,dune and those tree lovers pic

Anna L. Walls said...

Not much of a fan of desert but I got a kick out of the girl with all the firewood on her head haha

Jim said...

Hi Sheril, it's a beautiful place. That's my wife and I hugging the tree!

Hi Anna, yeah, quite a bit different than Alaska. I kind of like uncrowded places so in a way similar..

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Jim - I've always been fascinated with Africa. I may not be very adventurous in reality, but I've always dreamed of visiting and doing something to make a difference. But you have actually visited and done your bit to make the lives of the locals better! You've moved up several notches in my esteem. Have a wonderful trip, Jim.

alejandro guzman said...

A great thing you are doing Jim, enjoy.


エイプリル said...

Very beautiful place, and thanks so much for sharing the amazing photographs.

jamie - cloud people adventures said...

jim, great photos of what is obviously a stunning country. really looking forward to seeing how it all goes for you over there. good luck mate!

Jim said...

Hi Corinne, if you ever do get inspired to go, Namibia is a very safe country to explore.

Hi AG, will be fun this time, and going with a different frame of mind. Taking lots of pics.

TheyCallMeVarmint, thanks for popping in. I'm going to be snapping away this time. Going armed to the teeth with plenty of SD cards!

And thanks Jamie. Hope to have plenty to write about and more great pictures!

Unknown said...

Jim, enjoy your trip. The photos are great I can't wait for your up coming posts, of all the adventure and photos.

Lisa said...

I love your photos. The crowded watering hole and the kindergarten children playing were my favorites along with dune 45. Have a wonderful trip!

Vacation Remix said...

Thanks for the great read. Keep it up!

Ellie Garratt said...

Your photographs are stunning - thank you for sharing them with us.

Have a wonderful trip!

Nate Wilson said...

Gorgeous photos, Jim. I'm certainly jealous of both your past and future travels. Have a great trip!

Debra said...

Jim, the photos do speak volumes about a man who heeds the call of the wild and builds walls to help protect God’s creatures. Traveling mercies and blessings on the upcoming trip.
Much love
~ Debra

adventureswithben said...

The closest I've gotten to Namibia is the Western Cape in South Africa; so close, yet so far away. Namibia is next on my list when I return to the region.

Roy Durham said...

hey Jim that is grrreat , the terrain is a lot like places here in Utah. just little sample of it here and there. so when i go out this summer i will post some pic's of here. then you can visit here like i can visit you. thank you and god bless

Jorie Pacli said...

I was laughing with the way you started this post.:D Not getting any younger nah-ah-not anymore so Namibia might be the last time to visit there huh? HEHE...

The photos are all stunning and surely captivating that they'll make anyone of us to venture this place hopefully in the future if given the chance. Thanks for sharing Jim.:)

Mary Hudak-Collins said...

Jim, the vastness of the land opens to much beauty. I wonder about the woman carrying the firewood. How does she get it stacked on her head to begin with and then how does she keep it balanced? I'm sure it is a cultural technique that she grows up with?

Nancie said...

Gorgeous shots Jim.