Thursday, December 23, 2010

Friday photo for Travel Thursday

Over here is Travel Thursday at Budget Traveller's Sandbox , but since it's already Friday here, I'm putting this photo up as they show a Cathedral in Malacca.

The organs of Saint Giles' Cathedral in the Royal Mile, Edinburgh.

Very lucky to get such a good shot as Cathedral interiors can be gloomy and a flash may not always give enough depth of illumination. But the light from the top of the organ dome added enough back lighting to bring the pipes in to clarity.

Here's a shot of the exterior, on the usual sort of overcast Scottish day. A foreboding presence...?

Brilliance and beauty inside, but gloomy and grimy outside... what a contrast.


Papercut Doll said...

The inside of the cathedral is amazing, you captured it beautifully.

RyukyuMike said...

Ha, told everybody a Holes in the Souls (or was it Soles?) Dude shot a Cathedral (Cathredal, whatever).
That's terriffic lighting and composition in that shot.Thumbs to ya !


Jim said...

Hi Mike, kind of nice to have you drop in , and to comment on my photo, coming from someone really noted in the photography field. Thanks.

Unknown said...

I have to say that Edinburgh and Scotland was one of my favorite trips, That place with all the close's and underground city just stirs the imagination. The architecture through out was amazing. Roslyn's Chapel was superb! You could feel the history here all over. Such a great place.

We were fortunate enough to be upgraded to a suite at our hotel that had a view of the Castle that was superb. This stirs great memories!!! Thanks!

Julia said...

Always nice to see a British church/cathedral photo during the festive season - even if we're not religious. :)
Have a fabulous Christmas/New Year/Holidays.
Julia and Barry

Jim said...

You are right Deanne,the architecture was amazing.
Jujia and Deanne, enjoy your Christmas and have a boomer New Year!

Nancie said...

Wonderful cathedral shot, Jim. Thanks for posting at Travel Photo Thursday. Happy Holidays!