Friday, December 17, 2010

For all visitors to this site-

Readers to this site, would you like to help?
Would you be able to make it possible for Jim and Kay to donate $1,500 to protect wildlife?

Here is why.
 I thought I should state a bit about myself to all readers to this site. I have set this site up so I can use our travel experiences, knowledge and wisdom to highlight issues that concern me, particularly to do with conservation of Africa's wildlife. So you will peruse through this site and read a lot of references to Africa, and also to the plight of Elephants, rhino and big cats -  leopard, lions, cheetah, caracal and even servil. Africa's wildlife is being decimated at an increasing rate, because of the growing affluence of China's population that demands, and can now afford more and more rhino horn for it's traditional Chinese medicine, and ivory.
There are reports now that where ever Chinese mining operations are, or road building projects are, elephant and rhino poaching is soaring. Plus where there is civil conflict, adjacent countries are being stripped of elephant ivory, thought to be smuggled out in a long underground chain to China, and being exchanged for weapons to fuel killings in countries such as Sudan.I would like to do anything I can to contribute to halting the slaughter of Africa's magnificent beast, the very wildlife we travel there to see.

Here is how you can help.

We have entered this competition and if we do win it, then we will donate our entire travel savings account to wildlife protection organisations in Africa! $1500 .

You can make this happen simply by voting for us to win here- Romance Ireland : Jim and Kay
Go there, follow the registration process, match the caps sensitive code and vote. Simple.

The organisations we will donate $500 each to are-

Total $1500.

On this blog site you will find many references to them. We currently have adopted 2 baby elephants at  Sheldrick Trust, and 1 wild dog pup at Naankuse. Plus we have made donations to SOS Elephants and Chobe Wildlife rescue. All from earnings from this site, and our own.
We have a really big chance now of making a difference by your taking the time to cast a vote.

Help stop this-

By doing this-

We have a readership of between 40 to 100 per day here. You realise what you could do?
By the simple act of voting for us at this link- we could travel next year and not use our travel savings, which we could then donate to Naankuse, SOS and Sheldrick Trust.

Readers, please make this happen. These wonderful animals need every bit of help we can give them.

I'm committed to a volunter project with EHRA Elepant - Human Relations Aid next May. Paid for the trip. So this Romace Ireland is an extra for us, so should we win it. then it unlocks our travel savings account to be donated to the animals we love. You are the key.



Nelmitravel - Nelieta Mishchenko said...

I am South African and pouching is a big and serious problem in Africa. The elephants are my favourite animals and I want to cry each time I see a picture like this! Thank you for creating the awareness.

Jim said...

Nelietsa, thanks for your support. Did you follow through to vote on the Romance in Ireland link?

Anonymous said...

I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

God Bless You :-)


alejandro guzman said...

I couldn't look at that photo for very long at all! To kill such a wonderful creature is beyond my comprehension... You are doing a great job on here and over there.

Good Luck from us down under


Jim said...

Thanks Alejandro, you do a great job on your site too. I like blogs that help promote awaeness of issues, whether human or wildlife. So any reader here should check out your site also.