Friday, December 10, 2010

Romance in Ireland!

Over the past week I have been getting over the operation mentioned in  my Tomorrow's Leopard post, and I'm doing OK, everything is working but a wee ( pun intended ) bit tender, so just light duties at work which I went back to on Wednesday, as contrary to popular belief  shoes aren't made by little elves in the middle of the night! Dollars still need to be earned.
The support I have had from Kay has been bloody marvellous so I had been thinking of ways to show her how much I appreciated having her look after me, and her general encouragement. Kay and I married way back in 1973, and have been travelling this life together since. She's a loving, caring woman and a great mother to our 3 grown up children and has a great sense of family. I enjoy great health, hardly a flue, cold or any other illness, but this past week I drew upon her strength to face up to my wee problem. My father had prostate cancer, and two friends have had radical treatment for prostate cancer. So my benign enlargement was a trifle in comparison, but until the post operation biopsy result, there was  the fear that I could still have been one of the 10-15% who are positively diagnosed after the op.

There is a competition being run by Tourism Ireland for New Zealand residents called An Affair With Ireland and when I came across this I immediately felt this was just so suitable, as it has always been Kay's great wish to travel the Emerald Isle. In fact we very nearly did an impromptu visit for a few days from Stranraer when we visited Scotland this past September.

So I have entered to win this for Kay.

 Please help us by going to this link and voting for Jim and Kay. An Affair With Ireland.

Only takes a minute. And please spread the link through your friends.

Thanks everyone. It's wonderful to have your support.
BTW if we win I'll be donating $500 to Naankuse wildlife sanctuary to help with their wild dog program.

And another $500 to SOS Elephants a new organisations fighting to save Chad's remaining elephants.
You'll read two posts on this site about another 3 very courageous women leading the fight for those eles.


Julia said...

Hope you're feeling better soon and hope your wife gets her dream trip to Ireland. Voted! :)

Cinderita said...

Oh me too! Me too! What a great way to show her you love her.

Jim said...

I'm OK Jay and Cinderita, just a wee bit tender. But Yeah, I kind of would like to win this for Kay. She deserves it. And if we win it unlocks some money from our travel savings account so we'll donate that to two grea organisations . SOS Elephants are doing great work to protect them.

Kelly said...

I voted for you guys!! I hope you get it. Your story of how you met is so cute. I'd also like to thank you for being such a constant and active force here in this little blogosphere. You have been so wonderful! Keep me posted on the competition!

William Corey said...

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Your content is genuine and unpretentious and easy to follow as if we are having a conversation and it's my turn to listen. Good Job all the way round and best of Luck with all your projects.

Cheers, Wil