Saturday, October 1, 2011

National Mistakes Day?

Sometimes you can get a bit carried away and land yourself in a situation that can completely challenge yourself: I I've think I've just done it!

The Ultimate Blog Challenge caught my attention. Oh dear, a blog a day for October.
To top it all off , the email prompt suggests National Mistakes Day as a subject! Since I never make mistakes- :-) me a mistake becomes a learning experience, and this guy has had a heap of learning experiences!

Looks like the Ultimate Blog Challenge is going to be a true learning experience!
This immediately took my thoughts back to last weeks post, which was a bit of philosophical poetry about this very subject of mistakes in life. A few lines encouraging others to throw off the guilt, accept that life is a learning curve, and sure, sometimes for you that curve may seem too much. But if you learn something from your mistake, you turn it into a learning experience.

Well, there ain't no mistakes,
Just steep learning curves.  
But sometimes it must seem
Like we're falling backwards.
So when it comes to heartbreak
Don't lose your nerves.
We learn how far to go
Then we go back again.

You gotta take what you can,
Learn the lesson, start again.
You gotta move on, make a plan,            
Love comes with some pain.

Well, there ain't no mistakes,
Just steep learning curves.
So when it comes to heartbreak,
Do we stop, look and learn?
Like a kid touching fire,
And recoiling in pain.
It's a hard lesson learnt
We shouldn't do it again.

You gotta learn what you can,
Don't be a fool for the pain.
You've walked out, but now
You're headed back there again.

Well, there ain't no mistakes,
Just steep learning curves.
But sometimes it must seem
Like we're falling backwards.
So what hurts us the most,
Teaches with the pain.
Have we learned how far to go
When we go back there again?

The above verse has been taken up by Michael Bannert and he's put it to music.

So I guess we really don't need a National Mistakes Day: perhaps it should be National Learning Experience Day!



beth said...

I think I have been walking up these steep learning curves for way too long!

Jim said...

Hi Beth, you're going to be a very wise, experienced person then!

photos by jan said...

Still love this Jim..........

Jim said...

Thanks Jan. Couldn't be more appropriate I felt.

Marisa Wikramanayake said...

This is pretty much my view on life as well so this is great to read!

I think life is a series of experiences as I point out in my second post for October on

I look forward to reading more of your posts during October. Please keep writing!

Cheers, Marisa

Rachel Hoyt said...

Wow. Now I'm REALLY sad I didn't find time to listen to this the first time you posted it. This should be my theme song right now. Some days I truly feel like I'm falling backwards, but I have been here before and I came up with a plan and the days that I'm working on it... I'm happy and learning from the pain. xo

Thank you for these lyrics. They are definitely not a mistake. :)