Thursday, October 27, 2011

Island Seduction: Samoa Rush!

Island Seduction.

Virgin Cove Resort was going to be a base for Kay and me from where to explore Upolu Island, Samoa: the big plan was to get around and see as much as we could on our holiday over the Easter break. We fully intended to...we had everything planned to rush around in the hired RAV4, and we'd set aside a couple of days of our valuable time, but somehow the plan went awry.

We should have known you don't rush: Samoa's not like that!
Samoa is beguiling, seducing, and lays herself out in front of you, beseeching you to explore her fragrant, luxuriant and ample body slowly. She's bedecked herself with flowers behind her ear for a reason...and we were seduced!

Samoa will not be rushed, so we didn't  see as much as we could because there's something we'd forgotten...Island Time!

 Yes, we slipped too easily into Island Time.

Island Time meant we just didn't quite get around to doing what we meant to do. It entrapped us, slowed us right down, ensured we would end up going nowhere, and we'd take our time getting there.

The upside was it made us look at our immediate surroundings with more appreciation. The lure of the white coral sand beach 20 metres away, and the warm, crystal clear water of the coconut tree lined lagoon just didn't let us wander away: they enticed us back whenever we thought of venturing off. It was all there for us. Why go elsewhere?

It was fun just sitting in a deckchair on the verandah of our Garden Bungalow, a glass of wine in one hand, looking up from our books to watch mudskippers flipping across the muddy banks of the small nearby stream; or sharing the intense excitement of seeing large land crabs scuttle out of their burrows right in the middle of the pathway to our doorstep, to grab a newly fallen leaf before dashing back again! That was enough activity for us!

 The walk to the village of Sa'anapu, just 1200 metres away, cured that untimely and unwanted need for  physical exertion. Meantime we spent our days at Virgin Cove Resort swimming, reading, sunbaking, and enjoying the wonderful meals at their cosy restaurant: Masi masi, or tuna, is fresh caught, and well presented with a tasty cheese-sauce to die for.

Our exploration plans were as idle as the RAV4 : parked up and forgotten for 4 days.

 What did it matter if we didn't get around the island? Samoa impressed us right from the start, and we both knew we would come back. So let's leave other things to be discovered next time.

Why rush?

Find out more about Virgin Cove Resort here- Virgin Cove Resort, Upulo, Samoa.



lakwatsera de primera said...

Just the perfect way to experience the laid-back feel of the place. It would be hard for me as well to peel myself from lazing on a beach like that :)

Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

Oh man! I want to go to Samoa!!! I love your photos and post. This is my idea of a perfect holiday!

Anonymous said...

I have heard a lot about the Samoan culture and people... now with these pictures ... I so want tone there..

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Another version of God's Own Country, isn't it? :)

Miss Footloose | Life in the Expat Lane said...

There's an art to slowing down, to live in the moment, and you found a perfect place! I've been to Bali, and the interior of the island would certainly make you forget time and start living in the moment.

Now I'm wondering, what would it be like to actually live on Samoa?

Martha Jane Orlando said...

Now, I call that a real vacation - going to someplace beautiful and peaceful and staying put! Samoa sounds so dreamy and idyllic . . .


Leah Griffith said...

Not only did I enjoy the photographs which were so alluring, but your words were gorgeous. I love your description of! Lovely.
Each time I visit I grow more and more envious. Where do I sign up for your life;)

Mica said...

Island time is the best time.

Dianne said...

Hi Jim - have just clicked over from "Red Nomad Oz" to find you soaking up the ambiance in Samoa - what a wonderful place - love the last pic nicely framed by some of the native vegetation.

"Adelaide and Beyond"

AJ said...

True that - why rush? That's island time, Jim. We take our sweet time in our sunny tropical islands. :)

Jim said...

Hi everyone, been so tied up tiling the floors of a new sun room that responding to all comments has been back burnered. Really appreciate your thoughts so much.
Thanks Leah, a re-write of a post from last year trying to use word skills learnt over the past 12 months. Glad you found the descriptions so good; I must be improving.