Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Little Strawberry: Future Travel Plans.

After I saw these I ate all but one!
This guest post was written by my youngest daughter. I thought I should clarify that before any more readers think this is the best, cutest, sweetest article I have ever written. I think I'm going to chuck writing in...I go out of my way to relate all my tales of intrepid travelling, my derring-do with wild animals, surviving elephant rampages, and Mongolian food, to be told this is the best article yet. Sheeesh!

Once upon a time, in a fruit bowl far, far away, there lived a Little Strawberry.

And she was the most beautiful Little Strawberry you ever did see, with a big, red, plump belly and bright, green hair. All the other Strawberries were happy and played together in the fruit bowl.

But this Little Strawberry was sad. She did not have a mother. She wanted a mother so bad. One day, the Little Strawberry decided she would find her mother.

The Little Strawberry looked around the fruit bowl, and she saw a long, yellow thing.

“Are you my mother?” The Little Strawberry asked.

“No, I’m a big Banana, I’m not a strawberry!” said the long, yellow thing.

The Little Strawberry sighed. She looked around the fruit bowl again and saw a round, orange thing.

“Are you my Mother?” she asked.

“No, I’m only an Orange ! I’m not a Strawberry!” said the round, orange thing.

The little Strawberry sighed again. She looked around the fruit bowl, and saw a bunch of purple things.

“Are you my Mother?” asked the Little Strawberry.

“No, we’re a gang of Grapes! We’re not Strawberries!” the bunch of purple things replied.

The Little Strawberry began to cry.

“Is there no one here that will be my Mother???” she yelled.

The fruit bowl was silent.

Then, suddenly, The Little Strawberry heard a voice from the back of the fruit bowl.

“I’m a kind Kiwifruit!” the voice said.

The Little Strawberry looked past the big banana, the only orange, and the gang of grapes, and there she saw a Kiwifruit. And it was the most beautiful Kiwifruit you ever did see. She had a big, fuzzy, brown body and bright, green hair – just what the the Little Strawberry thought a great mummy should look like!!!

“I’ll be your Mother!” said the kind Kiwifruit. “I love Little Strawberries. They're very special fruit, just like Kiwifruits!”

The Little Strawberry was so excited, she jumped up and down. The big banana, the only orange, and the gang of grapes all cheered.

“I have a Mother! I am the luckiest Little Strawberry in the fruit bowl!!!” sang the Little Strawberry.

And they lived happily ever after in a totally organic way.

The End.

A wee story written by one daughter for her elder sister, who is progressing through the child adoption process. Eldest daughter living in UK is known as Kiwi there by all her friends.
 I guess the child will be known as '' Little Strawberry." Cute Eh?

One Little Strawberry is probably going to have a profound effect on our future travel plans!



Jessica Brant BlogNostics said...


This is the cutest post I think you have ever written...
Not to mention Yummie



JIM said...

really well written Jim... I'm going to feel guilty eating my cereal with strawberries this morning!!!!!


Mary Hudak-Collins livingthescripture.com said...

Jim, that is one of the cutest stories I have ever heard and packs a powerful message as well :)

Unknown said...

Awhhh, I loved this post Jim! What a great message.

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

what a cool fairy-tale inspired strawberry story! :)

Alessandra said...

Cutest story Jim, I get all emotional when I read these things lol!!!!

Best wishes to the little strawberry and the kiwi Mum, and happy travel plans :-)


Jim said...

Hey guys, glad you like it. I'll never look at strawberries the same way again. Going to be a very special fruit from now on.

Roy Durham said...

awesome Jim if you don't mind i will copy this one and share with my knights at church. and a few grand kids who love strawberry's thank you and god bless

photos by jan said...

Great post Jim, love strawberries, I hope your does arrive soon.

Rachel Hoyt said...

Well, I wouldn't say best post ever, but this is a GREAT story. Perfect for adopted kids. :)

Elissa (not related) said...

Amazing. best story on this site, hands down. Whoever wrote this is obvioulsy a genious.

Jim said...

@ Elissa(not related) Someone can't spell genius right.

Tameka said...

I smiled throughout! A chip off the old block I see. I had a strawberry patch in my garden growing up and this took me back there. Your daughter is a darling! Tell her to keep writing. I love her closing line, in an organic way! Lovely!


Elissa (still not relation) said...

i was trying to be ironic!

AJ said...

Sorry Jim but this is the BEST post ever in your blog! Love it to bits. :)

Jim said...

Yeah, so do I AJ. I have to admit, it really is the best post ever one could hope for.