Sunday, October 2, 2011

Magnificent Monday:Spring and Falls Collection.

Welcome to another Magnificent Monday and our theme can only be "Spring And Falls Collection."
This is a special Spring flower post and other northern bloggers are welcome to post links to their Autumn articles.

To travel New Zealand in Spring time is exhilarating: emerging from the cold, grey, dank winter months our mornings can be crisp with the touch of morning's frost, but a warm, sunny day can be almost guaranteed. 
Clear blue skies allow unparalleled views across our plains to the back-dropping snow-capped mountains. It's a time we enjoy.
OK you stars of Springtime, pay attention!
Natasha of Wandering Kiwi loves green pastures and frolicking lambs.
Cathy of travelingwithsweeney Loves lambs also. 
OK guys, you're good to frolic now!

Daffodil blooms and blossoming trees everywhere are our memories of our trip down to Christchurch and Timaru last month, our first month of Springtime. Spring buds, blossoms, and lambs are all around us here; new growth is bursting forth, and seedlings are surging ahead in my vegetable garden. Salad time, with everything freshly picked is eagerly looked forward to.

Flowers are everywhere, poking up singly or en-mass heralding the end of Winter and a brilliant start to the warmer months. I have been practising my photography.

No, I'm not going to charge for the flowers! But every woman who leaves a comment will be able to choose a bunch for herself and I'll add the weblink under the photo. Let me know in your comment which number pic you would like.

1. Buckets of Daffodils.

2. Crab apple blossoms.
Alpana loves the Crab Apple blossoms.

3. Bobbing crowd of Pansy faces.
Sharon loves the Pansies. I like them also when there's a light breeze to get them all gently bobbing away en-masse.

4. Daffodills blowing their trumpets together.

5. A carpet of daffodils in Christchurch Botanical Gardens.
Stephanie must love daffodils.

6. Daffodils en-mass make such a cheery site.

7. Daffodils spilling down the bank.
I've given Portia a big bunch of gay daffodils!

8. The garden at front of our house with Lavender in amongst Cordyline and Agave.

9. Polyanthus border .
I don't have any potato toys for Mary but Polyanthus are "P" plants also.

10. Magnolia Stellata in bloom.
Mari loves Magnolias. So do I.
Larry loves Magnolia Stellata also. He can sit under the blooms with Mari.

11. Rhododendron are still blooming.
Nelieta loves brilliant red tulips but these are the next best I have to offer.

12. As are the late flowering Azaleas.
Mica gets these beautiful azaleas!
13. Lime tree blossom.
Jan loves the smell of lime blossom.

14. Polyanthus makes such great photography subjests.

15. Aeonium Arboreum still flowering
Artist Suerae Stein loves the massed miniature blooms. So do the bees and myself!

16. Daisy gaily spilling over our walls.
Jens a daisy lady!
17. Our pathway to our front door lined with Rosemary and Furcrea.
Jeremy loves Rosemary; good for all those meals he cooks for his wife.

18. Flowering Cherry in full bloom.
Gladys loves wild cherry blossoms.

19. Up close.
Just the right bloom for Eileen !

20. Our native Manuka in full flower.
Flipnomad loves native flowers.

21. A wilding Flowering Cherry. 
Kris loves cherry blossoms.

22. Same up close.

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JIM said...

Nice shots Jim I really love Daisies and the polyanthus are really beautiful. I have never see Daffodils that color before. Just to let you know I grabbed your button and it is now on my blog!!

Suerae Stein said...

Hi Jim!
I found your blog on the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I have to tell you that I love the whole concept of it! The name and all. And it's hard to find custom shoe makers in the US! Your pictures are fabulous and relaxing... It is hard to pick a favorite, but I love #15, the Aeonium Arboreum. I don't think we have that here in New Hampshire! Thank you for sharing your part of the world - I thoroughly enjoyed it. ~ Suerae

Kris said...

I love the cherry blossoms. There is something about blossom and the promise of Spring coming.

I've got no daffodils - and my "Spring" bulbs - freesias, tulips and crocuses have almost finished, as they poked their heads out and flowered quite some time ago.

Kris said...

I love the cherry blossom - I love blossom in general, with it's promise of warmer days.

My "Spring" bulbs - freesias, tulips, crocuses - have already all flowered and almost died, having come up far too early in my opinion - another sign of the seasons changing.

Anonymous said...

Great photo blog! I'm just starting out in photography myself, must do a photo blog soon! I love the Pansy's myself, not sure what it is about them that but they are my favorite :)

Nelieta said...

You have an amazing garden Jim! Stunning photos :)

My contribution:

Nancie said...

Beautiful shots Jim! It's fall here in Korea, and with yesterday's low temperatures Mother Nature gave us a big reminder. I'll try an post something today.

Cathy Sweeney said...

So beautiful, Jim! Especially love those cute lambs.

NvGtravels said...

Lambs frolicking in green New Zealand paddocks - great childhood memories from the Waikato :)

Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

Flower photos are my favorite. I love the Magnolia - they always remind me of my Mother. All your photos are beautiful - we have rain and snow will be here in a few months. You have Spring and sunshine. I will enjoy all your photos through my winter days :D

Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

Oh - Stumbled, FB, and Tweeted you :D

Unknown said...

Oh,so many beautiful flowers!I felt like in paradise!

photos by jan said...

stunning as always, I just love the way you capture. My pick would be the lime blossom, I can smell it from here...

Alpana Jaiswal said...

Beautiful Jim...the crab apples for me...

Stephanie - The Travel Chica said...

What a collection! I thought your post would never end ;-)

Lilies are my favorite.

Mary Hudak-Collins said...

I can't even begin to decide which one was my favorite. They are all great captures! Wonderful post :)

Jen said...

how lovely!!! those cherry blossoms are breathtaking!

Larry Lewis said...

What a beautiful collection. Your No.10 Magnolia Stellata in bloom is an absolutely magnificent photo. You never fail to impress Jim.

Micamyx|Senyorita said...

What a lovely collection! I was feeling a bit blah before i went here. Thanks for this inspiring photo post :)

eileen ludwig said...

I like number 19
keep up the great work

Nancie said...

I made it! I'm a little late, but better late than never :)

Technosyncratic Travel Blog said...

I really love the last two close ups - the white of the flowers is such a great contrast against the bright blue sky.

Mica said...

The photos of the Aeonium Arboreum are my favorite! I do love all photos of flowers though, they are all so colorful!

Jeremy Branham said...

I know I am showing my northern hemisphere bias but hard to think of September and October as Spring. I LOVE the Fall but Spring and Fall so have one thing in common - fantastic colors!

Gladys | said...

i love the apple and cherry blossoms :) great photos!

Aussie on the Road said...

Great shots there mate. You've got a good eye :-)

flipnomad said...

very beautiful pictures jim...

Traveling Ted said...

We are about to go into winter here in Chicago, so these pictures remind us there is a light at the end of the tunnel.