Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weekly Desktop Photo

"We love your hat Mr Jim!"
Nothing quite like the smile on a kids face is there? And I often put this photo up on my computer desktop screen just to remember these kids.
Look at that boy's fantastic smile! Brilliant white teeth, a cheeky furtive look sideways, peeking out from under my hat. I love it! And all the other kids so engrossed in the moment, everyone a different pose or expression, but all caught at that perfect moment of total enjoyment.
Not the best quality photo sorry but came across it on my Sony Handycam and I had taken a few stills on it. Only 3MP. But it still is a GREAT photo.
Anixab, Damaraland, Namibia. The kindergarten at A Gariseb Primary School that EHRA have 'adopted' to renovate and repair. Pop along to this link and enjoy the reports here -EHRA School Program
Here is EHRA's latest report-
Over the next month three intrepid schools are coming to EHRA to complete our Wilderness Challenge Expedition. The first is our good friend King Alfred's School from London, UK. We have 13 students and 2 brave teachers coming along. The students have been busy raising money for their project at A.Gariseb Primary School, which this year is a huge vegetable garden to compliment the hostels feeding programme. Indeed whilst planning the garden we have realised that it involved ALOT of hard work and we are going to have to really push to finish it with in the week. However we have no doubts that we will suceed!

Secondly comes 14 students from Felstead School through World Challenge in the UK who were also here last year. Felstead School are going to be the first group performing rennovation work at EHRA's new partner school, Frans Frederick Primary in Fransfontien. The school has not seen a lick of paint in the last 50 years so we have our work cut out. However, having revamped A.Gariseb over the last 6 years we know that anything is possible with a bit of hard work, cement, polyfilla, paint and willing hands!

The third school is a new visitor to EHRA, St Andrew's School from Canada and we have 22 students and 4 teachers coming along! St Andrews are also heading through to Fransfontien and as they are such a large team we are expecting great things from them! Each group, after completing the rennovation project will then go on to trek through the Ugab River and learn to navigate using maps, a compass, a pencil and a ruler! The highlight of their challenge is to navigate on their own from one camp to the next, a journey of about 25kms.

So, we say a huge thank you in advance for the hard work fundraising and the hard work to come, and very good luck for the navigation trek!


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