Friday, July 2, 2010

Be In To Win An Extraordinary Prize!!

Here's a great prize to be won here on Holes in My Soles!
One pair of Extraordinary Shoes as worn by me on Tourism Western Australia's recent promotion to be won by a lucky man .
These shoes have been tried and tested, dunked in Tunnel Creek,climbed Mitchell Falls,walked the red dirt of the Gibb River Road, and kicked the cr*p out of salwater crocs that got too close at Windjana Gorge.Actually they didn't do that but might have had to if they'd got too close.
Anyway, they held together, lasted the distance,kept me comfortable,with  just the slightest hint of a blister after 10 days solid wear throughout our adventure.

 So the idea is to make some lucky winner another pair.And you can win a pair.
On the right hand side , scroll down to 'Followers', click on the 'Follow 'Icon and you'll be guided through a quick process.You may need to create a Google account.
A short explanation is here-register
By registering on this site I get to know I've got readers.Wouldn't be the same if I'm just chatting to myself all the time.So to make it worthwhile, these Extraordinary shoes will be won by a draw from all my first 100 registered Followers!

Now why getting my readership up is so important is this-this site is 'Monetized'.
(That means this site can earn a few cents from any click on any advert carried on this site.Now this does not mean you are paying.It means the advertisers pay me if someone clicks on an advert.)Now you can play a part in this by-
1.Spreading the word around your contacts.
2.Linking to this site.
3.Checking out the adverts, and if you want to book an adventure tour with Gap Adventures,click through from their advert on this page and I get a few dollars.

And when this site begins to earn a few dollars every month, ALL those earnings (less any tax) will be donated back to wildlife conservation.Now take the time to have a browse over this site, The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust based near Nairobi, Kenya.
Read about the wonderful work these people are doing in rescuing baby elephants, often found suckling on their 3 day dead mothers teats after poachers slaughtered her just for her small tusks!Yes, you and I can work together to raise the few dollars neccessary to adopt 1 or more of those baby elephants and help in their protection work.
Or this-
How about those beautiful wild dogs!?Only 150 left in all of Namibia.Sad, but we can help.

Do you think it's all worthwhile?
Well, to help make it worthwhile I'll make some lucky guy a pair of the Extraordinary Shoes(as seen on TV :-) here-
the adventure traveller

The extraordinary taxi ride

Youtube Taxi Ride

So scroll down on right hand side, and click on 'Follow' and let's get some animals saved!
And for all you ladies,I'm sure there's a special man in your life you can win these for!
PS.As in all competitions, the judges decision is not open to question.:-)
Drawn when we hit 100 Followers.
Winner's name drawn from my first 100 followers.(includes current followers)
Winner's name will be posted on this site and on my Facebook page.
P&P included.


normana53 said...

So, since I am already a follower, do I have a chance to treat my toes and soles to footwear nirvana? I would love the opportunity to try "walking in your shoes"

Jim said...

Yep but they're men's shoes.So if you're female, hey, make a man friend happy!
So spread the message, encourage others to register and set up links so we can spread the site around.
BTW, these shoes I would normally make to measure for $6-700!Work of artistry!

Jim said...

Oops just checked!Hey you're going to be wearing my shoes if you win!Like your music list also.
And that bull ele may just have been the one that jumped out of a bush next to our car too!He makes a habit of frightening unwary visitors like that so I've heard.