Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tips for getting paid for writing stuff!

Get paid for published articles you submit to the following sites.You may just have the knowledge, the experience and the insightfulness to get your work published.Hey, you've got to be good though! But each of us has a unique skill,knowledge or an experience no one else has got.Write about it.Submit it.
Who knows, there could be a future in it for you!

Paid writing websites.

Now bookmark these sites.Get intimate with each of them.They all have their way of doing things.Some will bulletin board a list of subjects they want articles submitted for.Others you can write upon a subject,have it listed, and if another party likes it enough to want to use it, then you get paid.
Keep browsing them as now and again a subject will be posted that you have the unique insight to go for!
Contact them.Show them your website blogs.Submit an article on any subject.If you live in some favoured travel destination and really know the area or country, make contact with them and suggest a subject to them.You never know, you may just make the editors turn their minds in that direction.
And keep plugging away.You'll be improving your skills,honing your insightfulness,making contacts,creating little ripples that may turn into a wave....or a tsunami!Get people to notice you and your style and area of expertise.
You've got your own blogsite up and running.Well you have haven't you?Better get on and set one up.Because some editors may want to look your work over.You've got to show them the quality of your work, it's uniqueness, it's fresh angle on a subject, and it's appeal ability.

Try these-

Set up your own blogsite free.Free website design, and free hosting.But there's a wee bit to learn.Just remember, take a step at a time.

Then get writing.
Spend time reading other blogs.Check out their style and format.Some subjects suit an essay approach.Others get more notice by bullet points or the ''10 tips on surviving ....!" style.Pitch the format to the subject and your audience.
I hope this is enough to inspire you.!

But remember, it's fun!


Jennifer said...

Wow, thank you! I've been thinking about looking into this a lot lately! I appreciate your post here... as well as the voluteer post. It's actually something that was just on my mind this morning. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!

Jim said...

Thanks Jennifer.And for all the free advice there is a wee offering us a good story to post here for others to read when you can get around to it!Thanks LOL!