Monday, March 22, 2010

What's coming up?

The Mac's are off again.This time Samoa!Why Samoa?
Well, the tsunami, that's why.The tremendous devastation of people's lives by the tsunami last year was very close to home for us.Because we had witnessed the after effects of the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami that swept through many countries and the south east coast of India .We had flown into Chennai that very day to join a Dragoman Overland tour.More about that later...
But that did leave a vivid impression upon us of how devastating it can be on people's lives, not just the loss of loved family members, but the destruction wrought on their livelihoods.People with very little, or nothing need assistance to get back on their feet.
So , along with a good donation, and an extra dollop for food for the starving animals, Kay and I decided to switch our holidays to Samoa.Tourist dollars help tremendously in rebuiding an economy that relies heavily on tourism.And of course, soon as there is a disaster like this, most tourists flee.
So Samoa for Easter.Looking forward to hearing those packed churches resounding in full massed choir!I wonder if they mind being filmed?
Oh well.If I get kicked out Kay can tell me all about it afterward.
We'll be there from 28th March til 8th April.

And in August the Mac's are off to Ethiopia!Ethiopia?!Yep!Can't wait.Going to visit a child we sponsor through Childfund, and her family.Now this could be a real experience.A wonderful chance to see within a totally different culture.While in Ethiopia, we'll be taking a tour of the Northern Historical Circuit with GAP Adventures -

Then off up to UK, a meet up with Emma our eldest daughter.And 3 weeks around Scotland.Now we are on a mission in Scotland to get up to Unst the most  northern populated island in the UK ,way up in the Shetlands.A friend has a cottage up there, so we can imagine a few nights up there in that windswept wild region.
Apparently they've got the most northern bustop in the UK , which has a computer and  microwave   also.
A place where I will be able to catch up with all our blogging!

And in between all that, followers, this guy and his mate just may be, maybe... taking a wee ride in Western Australia.Now that I am looking forward to.I can quite imagine myself getting lost in all that outback desert flora and fauna.The sunsets in that vast hardly inhabited terrain.The desert wildlife.Snakes, lizards, witchetty grubs.Bring it on!.But most of all , I'd like to explore Aboriginal culture.I know nothing about that, but I'm sure I could find it fascinating.How they relate to nature.The pressures they face, similar to Himba tribespeople in Namibia, of tourism, and economic development.I'd really like to understand more about that.
Guess I'd better go do some reading up.

So hopefully, we've given you lots to look forward to.In between, there are many tales to be told of past travels.Keep tuned, please.

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