Sunday, March 14, 2010

Is it safe?

Africa!Why would you want to go to Africa?!

How many friends have exclaimed that, when they learn you're going to Africa?"Is it safe?You'll get robbed!What about snakes and all those lions?"
You can just see all those stereotypes flashing across their radar...
"Well , yeah, but...ummm..Just thought it could be a good idea."
"What a dumb idea"
"What made you suddenly think of Africa?"
Well, how can you explain it? How can you explain a sudden decision to get as far away from your known comfort zone as possible? What justification can you offer,for wanting to take off into a completely alien and unknown environment, where you just do not have complete control over what is going to happen? Why would you?
But there again, could it have something to do with your 60th coming up? And wanting to break the mold again,get away, taste new adventures before it's too late? Hey, you wake up and realise there's more life behind you than out front! Or is it the second big mid life crises hitting you with it's bloody big baseball bat before that 3 strike and you're out?!!
The first hit got me started on a great adventure way back in the early 80's, on an adventurous road of self employment.And hey, that worked out just dandy.So this time around, let's hit out again.
So where too?
Google is just great.Type in Siberia,desert,wildlife,whatever, and up pops-
Now that looked just the thing.That I could go for.So far away from civilisation,unknown places,vast uninhabited scenery,up close to wildlife..yeah, that looks good.Bookmark that one.
But wait.A little more Googling and I came across this-
So,you ever have a moment when something just hits you...falls into place,.. seems right? That was it! It was me!
Perhaps I was always destined to go there?Back there?...Yes.Back there.
You see I have been there before.Not physically, but in a dream.
You ever have those weird dreams where it is so real, and later on an event unfolds in real life and it's just like that dream? Almost as if you had a glimpse of the future.OK.Let's talk about that later when we're around the campfire and Hendrick and I are chatting, and an extraordinary coincidence is revealed.
So where was this? Oh Namibia. Where's that? Oh Africa.Africa? Last place I wanted to go to.Never thought of going there.Been to a lot of places, but Africa? Namibia? Is it safe?
Yeah.Why not? Let's go.
But a wee problem.Ummmm.... I'm married.How do I tell my wife I'm off to Africa?
So I tell her. "Africa?Why would you want to go there?Is it safe?"
"Dunno.But I'm going."
"What, on your own? Don't be stupid.You'll get lost or lose your money or passport or something.You can't go on your own.I'm coming too!"
"Oh, OK.Ummmm....But I want to go and get lost in the desert....deliberately"
"Yeah, well you're quite capable of doing that.What do you expect me to do while you're lost in Africa?"
"Ah well.Perhaps you could do a tour or something , then come look for me?"
"Alright.You now want to get lost? But I've been telling you that for years!"
Oh dear.....they do that.They have always been telling you that for years.
Anyway, we had a look together at travel in Southern Africa and found a great tour from Cape Town up to Windhoek that then carried on through Botswana to Victoria Falls.Allowing me to get off in Windhoek ( much to my dear wife's delight...)and go get lost in the Namib Desert chasing elephants.Hey, happiness all round!
Just hope those eles are happy to see some wandering Kiwi lost in their desert!
So that's the start of our Africa travels.Adventures to follow.
Stick around.

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