Monday, October 15, 2012

Phar out in Seadown: New Zealand's wonder horse!

Amazing, these Aussies will take all the glory given half a chance.
 This huge poster in Seaworld at Gold Coast, Queensland a few months ago makes no mention of Phar Lap being a New Zealand born horse!
The greatest race horse of the Depression years of the early 1930's, "Wonder Horse" was foaled in Seadown just north of Timaru in South Canterbury, a place I know well, having holidayed with family for many years at the Opihi River Mouth.
Our shopping drives from there to Timaru took us past the memorial statue outside the farm where Phar Lap was born. That farm and the neighbouring farms have all been renamed to keep the legend alive.

Phar out hey?! 
Irrefutable proof that Phar Lap was born not phar from Timaru, South Canterbury. 

Okay Elissa, you can stand down now!
No need to photobomb my pics anymore- we got the message!

Phar Lap at Te Papa Museum


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