Sunday, October 7, 2012


When did we lose that sense of innocence?
When we were children playing free
falling from tall trees
crying with skinned knees
we played our games in innocence.

When we played our silly childhood games
there was no one who was blamed
life was just a learning game
playing birds and bees
we lived in our childish world of innocence.

When we lost our sense of innocence
life became a game that must be won
always a losing someone
there's a need to blame
in this world of forgotten innocence.

Written while listening to a favourite flamenco version of "Concierto De Aranguez" by Rodrigo, off a CD bought at Museo Del Bandelero, Rhonda, Spain in January 2001.
This museum is dedicated to the bandits once common in Malaga and Cadiz.
And the bandits were once somewhat of a tourist attraction in themselves!

"The Bandoleros, who operated in anything from groups of two or three men to large bands organised like small armies, terrorised the lonely mountain passes of Andalucía. No nobleman, no matter how well protected, would venture out to such parts without absolute necessity, yet for the tourist trade of the time it proved to be the greatest attraction of all. Today, tourists would run a mile at the prospect of being held up at gunpoint, but to the young dandies from northern Europe on their European Tour it all added to a romantic image of Andalucía that included the proud Spaniards with their exotic culture, fiery Gypsies and lonely mountain ranges terrorised by packs of wolves and bandits. What swashbuckling youngster would not jump at the chance of all that excitement, so when the likes of Lord Byron, Washington Irving and Prosper Merimée crossed the murderous tracks of the Serranía de Ronda by coach it was in the hope of meeting these famous scoundrels."



Are We There Yet! said...

Beautiful!! I wish I could write poetry...

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S. Susan Deborah said...

Jim, this is a grouse that most of us have -- When and where did the innocence go?

I guess they appear now and then when we are unaware.

I wish you joy and peace.

Hope you are doing well.

~ Susan Deborah