Monday, October 1, 2012


Tell me, Jacob, with that gleam in your eyes,
are you deceiving me?
When all the rhino are gone why safari in your land?
Are you listening please?
If elephants are slaughtered, and the lions are canned,
why travel in your empty land?
Tourists aren't impressed with empty wilderness:
wildlife needs protection urgently!

So, tell me Jacob, with your hand on your heart,
there's no skulduggery?
Lack of prosecutions is because they're way too smart
and thwart the judiciary?
We can't believe in this judicial mockery
as yet another poacher walks free!
The world's not impressed with lack of cohesiveness:
anti-poaching needs action urgently!

Oh, tell me Jacob, with your beguiling smile,
why aren't you convincing me?
Who will be skimming earnings off rhino horn stockpile?
What are we to believe?
The World's not impressed with your wish to represent
for legal trade to CITES.
So, tell us Jacob, 
how does that stop the killing spree?!

420 430 rhinos have been slaughtered in South Africa to date! The killing goes on!


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S. Susan Deborah said...

This struck a chord because last week the papers were filled with news items of rhinos being killed for their horns in Assam. Poachers injured the rhinos and took away their horns leaving the bleeding animals to die. I don't know when these cruel acts will stop.

Joy always,