Thursday, March 1, 2012

Music from our travels.....some.

Embroidered Russian peasant prettiness,
Irkutsk -solitary, ignored.
Others ignored your part.
Eyes shine
while your deft fingers
Plucked strings in my heart,
As upon a delicate balalaika
Your music became mine.
I repaid you with a crowd.

  You Swazi street-clogging soul supremo!
 Was it God's music,
 Or the heartbeat of a nation
 With the wasting disease?
 I traded cents for a silver disc,
 You gave priceless acceptance and memories.
 My gift - YouTube has you now.
 We're evens.

Todd Various.
Detroit's corporate cubicle escape artist.
I obeyed your commands
Formed the square,
Drilled in Edinburgh's Royal Mile.
Another straitjacket escape,
Like a butterfly from cocoon did
You can fly anywhere.
What is it now? 18 countries with your skills?
I took photos;
Your brash optimism cost me 5 Quid.

Cool kids congregating clandestinely?  
Don't get caught in a dark African night!
Fear bound me to the shadows.
Then a songbird sang the light,
Brought forth the chorus,
Banished the fright.
Mascato, you never saw me
But I fell in love with you.

Lajos Sarkozi.
Karpatia quartet accompaniment.  
Budapest's Hungarian rhapsody.
An der Schonen blauen Donau,
Dining in Gypsy entrancement,
Aw what the heck!
The Danube was just out the window!
I had to buy your
Fluid strings, flying bow!

 Been a long journey since Boulder to Birmingham
 They'll all have to join hands together
 As your angel voice soars true.
 I'm gonna pump up the volume when time comes
 To pay the ferryman his due.
 I have your library:
 There's none overdue.



sheril benedict said...

well well let me check out your fav songs ...

Rachel Hoyt said...

Love these poems, Jim. Intriguing introductions to your artists. :)