Sunday, March 4, 2012

I've Been Running....

I've been running on fast with the utter desperation
of trying to escape that image of tragedy.
I'm haunted right now by the sight of mutilation
of the mother who once loved and nurtured me.

I've been running on looking for some deep shading cover,
need to get some shelter over me.
Helicopter's close and soon they're gonna discover
just another wee frightened refugee.

They've got high powered guns.
They've got thermal imaging technology.
They've got tranquilizer drugs
and sharpened machetes.
So there's nowhere to run!
Nowhere a safe retreat!
Panicked and stunned:
just another...
 desperate refugee.

I've been running on low and feeling that deep exhaustion,
panicking with the loss of energy.
But driven on now by the thought of extermination
of the mother that once loved and protected me.

I've been running on long from the stink of the decimation.
Horns are going to be the death of me.
Anyone hear, can you enforce the regulations
on the killers of the mother that once cared for me?

Let's get more APU teams moving.
Let's find the funds -
for high powered guns!
And get those prosecutions moving!
No bail for these -
just throw away the keys.
Don't allow no smooth talking lawyers
in a world that treats poachers so leniently.

Or there's...
nowhere to run.
Nowhere a safe retreat.
Hunted and gunned:
just another...
disappeared specie.

Rhino poaching total for 2007 in South Africa was 13.

2011 saw 488 kills.

At the time of writing this post, already the total for 2012 is now 94!  Total now 109!  119!
Edited 23/3/12. Now 139!
over 300!
The overall world total will be higher.

For more information on why rhino poaching is escalating read -
Graphic Images from The Rhino Wars

Pictures of rhino calf are by 
Pam Krzyza of Outraged South African Citizens Against Poaching.

Join OSCAP here-



Turtle said...

What a beautiful way to put this. It makes you so sad...

ray said...

Stunning writing. Am going to repost your site link ....

Bret @ Green Global Travel said...

So tragic, what humans will do to a species (or ourselves) in the name of the almighty dollar. Here's hoping the South African gov't takes a more hardline stance against poachers soon.

Reiza said...

The words are so beautifully woven it actually brings to life the ugliness of this horrific practice.

Shame on the poachers!

sheril benedict said...

Its very sad we humans disturb everyone.This first para made me to feel Jim ..A powerful post !!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim:
Love the first rhino LoL (person) narrative here. It gives this column more immediacy. As someone above said, I will will re-share.