Friday, March 30, 2012

Goodbye my Angel, goodbye.

Goodbye my Angel, goodbye, goodbye.
There's only so much you could do to try
to make
the whole world right.
I saw how hard you tried.

I tried to tell you the gulf's too wide.
But you swam against their tide
of pride.
They made the water rise.
I pulled you to the side.

They always want to play it their way.
They want your help that's what
they say,
but it's just how they play.
I saw them turn away.

I saw you spread your gossamer wings.
I knew the song that you could bring
and help
how this whole world sings.
I shared the pain it brings.

They had to turn it into a fight,
when all you wanted was to take flight
and change
what they all thought was right.
I saw them react with spite.

Straighten out your iridescent wings.
Spread them out, and you will fly-
you'll sing:
you're not the sort to cry.
I'll share the song you bring.

There's a new world where you'll fly again.
Angels like you will always survive
and thrive,
but you need to leave me behind...

I have never learned to fly.

Goodbye my Angel, goodbye.

Don't ask me about this.



Melissa Tandoc said...

I was about to ask what this was all about, then I saw your footnote.

Soooo, what is this about?

Jim said...

Hi Melissa. Nice to see you again.
And no, don't ask me to explain the metaphors. Suffice to say the Angel feels OK!

Red Nomad OZ said...

It's beautiful, whatever it means. When I see the words 'goodbye' and 'don't ask ...' I think the worst, so I hope all is well!

Jim said...

Everything is fine Red. Just a very metaphorical twist on a situation, plus a bit of writer's artistic licence to weave it all together.

Rachel Hoyt said...

Beautiful, bittersweet poem Jim. It makes me want to share a bit of Shel Silverstein...

There are no happy endings
endings are the saddest part
just give me a happy middle
and a very happy start.