Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tell me Dad, will we go see the rhino?

Child to father-

The pictures you show in the stories that you read me
when I grow, will we go?
Can we see them?
Oh, how I want you to take me to see them,
the great animals you show me in the stories you read me.
Will they be there?
Will they graze where we gaze
in the wild where they should be?
I want to see them.
I want to hear them.
Will they be there when I grow?

I want to know when I grow you will take me to see them,
all the stories you have told
when you read me to sleep and set me a-dreaming
and the pictures that you showed.
I want to know we can go see a rhino.
And if I want,
the elephant,
the leopard, the lion and the big buffalo
are going to be there,
roaming free where
a little boy dreamed them?

Tell me Dad, will we go see the rhino?
Can we go and enjoy them?
All the beasts in the pictures in the stories that you read me?
While man destroys them
can you ignore them?
Will you help me protect them for my own little boy?
I want to know we can go see a rhino.
And if we want,
the elephant,
the leopard, the lion and the big buffalo
are going to be there,
roaming free where
my own little boy dreams them?

467 rhino have been poached in South Africa to date this year!

You can all do a little to help in a big way- add your support to this petition.



John in France said...

Absolutely fantastic Jim. As always being so sensitive!! The situation of the wildlife is so sad. Do you think any headway is being made, or is some big political promotion required, like "Band Aid" did???

Jim said...

Working on something like that John. Maybe a collaboration between some local musicians with South African.
Certainly needs something like that. Rhino poaching has escalated from around 10 in 2007 to 465 this past year. Sad to think rhino could be wiped out in a decade if that keeps up.

bret @ Green Global Travel said...

Great work as always, Jim. Is there a specific charity organization you work with that's fighting to preserve rhinos? Would love to steer people in the direction of a company through which they can do some good on behalf of rhino preservation.

Suzi Q said...

This totally made me cry.....

Anonymous said...

Dear Jim, your blog is spectacular. Thank you for being such a wise and valued voice for Rhino. I am one of the 24/7 campaigners for the Rhino Petition-Ultimatum on change.org We are working in our team to secure 250 000 votes for Rhino in 60days. We have worked around the clock for 4 weeks to prepare this petition. I see you are on Twitter and so am I. I will follow you on Twitter. Your readers CAN DO SOMETHING today to change the fate of the Rhino. All it takes for Rhino to be extinct in 3 years is for us to do nothing. We need BIG numbers on the petition. Thank your for including it in your blog. Please I am asking you from my heart, please could you tweet this and share it with all your followers. Just this one action alone could mean species extinction or survival. Thank you, friend. I trust you to help us all in SA for Rhino survivial for the whole world to enjoy in the future. http://t.co/IxCwN2ND Marianne

Eileen Ludwig said...

Very hard to stop greed and useless killing whether it is humans or animals - God can not be happy with what is happening on this planet - I know I am not - Good post

Jim said...

Hi Bret, I will post about rhino preservation organisations- so many.But if you can spread the petition - I have edited it into the bottom of the article - then that would be a great start!

Jim said...

Hi Marianne. Hurrah! Action on putting pressure on South Africa'a government. If they can't act decisively to fully fund anti-poaching patrols, ans stopping the corruption that sees smuggling of horn and ivory out of the country then don't expect the rest of the world to do it. SA's government MUST take ownership of the problem!

Gladys | ByahengBarok.com said...

great work for a good cause!

Nadia said...

So sad to see our Rhino being poached at such a rapid rate! There are indeed people trying very hard to help! For example check out this website:

There are selected Volkwagen and Audi dealers in South Africa that donate R500 per car purchased to anti poaching!
They are doing awesome work!

Barbara Weibel said...

Jim: Before I went to Africa in 2007 it had been a lifelong dream of mine to do an African photo safari before the animals disappeared. It seems I was very fortunate to do so when I did - it makes me sick to think about the senseless destruction of these amazing beasts for things like their horns, which some consider to be an aphrodisiac. I wonder when we are going to wake up as a race?

Unknown said...

Why oh why are we so selfish! This was so sad... What's happening to this world and its people...

Unknown said...

It's sad what some people are doing to our cousin animals :(

D Murphy said...

Beautiful! Brought a tear to my eye :(

sheril benedict said...

The first pic with some quotes was great ..i remember myself asking my dad to take me to zoo and all .Its is so sad to the death rate of Rhino's ..In india we do have lots of Rhino's in kazairanga national park

The Floating Clouds said...

Hi, I landed on your blog through TBEX. Lovely poems and pictures. In solidarity with the cause of saving these species!