Sunday, December 11, 2011

2011's Greatest Posts. Magnificent Monday!

Another big welcome to Magnificent Monday where we kick off the week with great posts!
No theme this week, just a round-up of great posts please. 

My great moment this year was watching this family drama unfold in front of our 4WD  in Chobe National Park, Botswana.
Photo is taken through our windscreen glass, hence the poor colour.
Read about that here- Botswana-elephant-traffic-jam

Over the year I have read many amazing articles, viewed incredible pictures, and written a few mediocre posts myself! 

So what do you consider the best post you have written this year?

Drop a link in the Mr Linky Tool below. And remember, the posts can be about anything, any topic, even just your best picture.

To join in this week's Magnificent Monday-
1. Paste your name and a link to your 'Goodwill' article in the Mr Linky tool below.
2. Leave a comment to show you care.
3. It's good etiquette to edit into your article a reference to this article to let your readers know also.
4. Visit each post, leave a comment and share Stumble, Digg, Tweet and Facebook etc so we can all benefit.



Jim said...

I've added a link to a post I am rather fond of. A look at our heritage and discovery trip to Scotland when we traced the roots of our family tree.
Coincidentally, a week later we were in Pitlochry, Scotland and in the wee museum came across references, photos and display of Kay's family name.

Alessandra said...

Is it travel? I added a post about Niue, a very special place!

Do you take food photos too?


Ravenmyth said...

Great idea is hard to pick...but I love what you are stop shopping...we can just blog hop from your site...Brilliant...

photos by jan said...

I put up my water post. I was awash as to which one, I liked the flowers, and grampa and grandson as well as this one finally I just tossed em in a hat and picked. I love yours, you are always so well put together, with your posts and they are always beautiful and usually emotional for me too.

Techmaker said...

Your template is awesome bro. I love it. It matched with your content too.

Annette | Bucket List Journey said...

I absolutely adore your photo! It's one that makes you feel like you are standing right there. And I wish I was :)

Alessandra said...

Just added the link now on my post, didn't read the instructions properly, lol!!!


Dangerous Linda said...

Hi, Jim! ~

Thank you for the invitation! I love these little trips down memory lane which seem inevitable toward the end of each year. I look forward to hopping around to visit everyone's favorite post.

For myself, I chose a post which describes a body of work for which I'm currently creating an online gallery. Near & dear to my heart!

Thanks again for this opportunity to share!

Dangerous Linda said...

PS Your photo of the elephant family is amazing. As a photographer I'm truly jealous of your travels and opportunities!! Thank you for sharing!!

ElizabethJ_Bird said...

Great Idea. I linked to a post about spending Sabbath in the city of Jerusalem

Anonymous said...

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Toby said...

For an amateur yes it's lovely but for a photograph, poor technique, no thought, just shot, over exposed and blown out highlights..... and yes you will approve this comment just so you can get the sympathy vote

AJ said...

That could well be the best post in Travel 365 for the year! Thanks for sharing your wonderful stories and photos. You're a gem, Jim! :)

Jim said...

If you read the story linked to that photo Toby , you'll understand why it is such a poor photo of a beautiful scene. It was hastily taken through a dusty windscreen, when elephants were so close to our vehicle.

Just posted there to remind me of a fantastic moment early this year.