Monday, December 19, 2011

Magnificent Monday: That Christmas Feeling!

Magnificent Monday is late because it's that busy time of year leading up to Christmas. So much is happening and we have family gathering over the holiday.

In New Zealand, the Pohutukawa flowering heralds our southern Christmas.

 Everywhere, the New Zealand 'Christmas Tree' is coming into full blossom.

The masses of blossoms provide nectar for our native birds, particularly our favourite, the Tui.

Sorry about this short post, but we are waiting for news on someone close, who unfortunately is in hospital.

 I started this year off with a post called "Song Of The Tui " to wish everyone a great 2011, and there seems no better way of wishing her well, and everyone else, by posting up these great photos of our joyful, colourful Pohutukawa flowers so prevalent at this time of year, and finishing with a photo of that same bird! 

Have a wonderful time with your family, and friends. May your God bless you all as we celebrate what Christmas is about - a time of remembering the birth of Jesus. A time when families come together. 
Then for us, straight after Christmas we depart for our dream destination!
Galapagos Islands, off the coast of Ecuador has been on our hit list for so long and we finally made the decision to head over to that archipelago monster tortoises and marine iguanas! Unique birdlife and abundant marine mammals await! The stuff of National Geographic and TV feature documentaries. Darwin and finches; pirate havens and National Parks. 

Holes in My Soles will not be updated for some time until after we get back late January.  Spending time on a computer just doesn't figure high on my priorities when Kay and I are travelling, but be sure there'll be plenty written about our travels when we are home again. Get ready for marvellous wildlife photos - my new camera is loaded up with tons of memory cards, and an itchy finger!

Have a wonderful time with your family, and friends. 

I would like to read your end of year articles though, so post a link to your Christmas post here-



Rachel Hoyt said...

I hope it is ok that I linked in two posts... :) I've got another Christmas poem coming later this week too. I'm just filled with Christmas spirit!!! :)

That Tui bird is REALLY pretty! I've never seen one before.

I'm super duper jealous of your Galapagos Islands trip. Have a blast! You know what I expect to see pictures of after you return. :) :) :)

Rachel Hoyt said...

P.S. Merry Christmas! :P

Unknown said...

Amazing pictures!

Nelson said...

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Thanks for sharing!