Saturday, December 3, 2011

Magnificent Monday: Goodwill!

Welcome to another Magnificent Monday again, and as we head towards the Christmas Season it truly is a time of 'Goodwill' - this week's theme!

We kick the week off with two great ideas!

All around the internet, and across social media, travel bloggers are pouring out articles to support two initiatives - "Passports With Purpose" and "Travel Bloggers Give Back".

Passports with Purpose has a goal to raise $80,000 to build two libraries in Zambia, in partnership with Room to Read, and to stock each with books. It's a huge task, but will be achieved with the help of all travel bloggers. AND you don't have to be a travel blogger to participate- any person can, by donating for a chance to win any of the huge range of prizes donated by bloggers and their sponsors.
When you donate, you can choose which prize you wish to win!

Schools and kindergartens in many African countries would just love some books!
I took this pic of the Kindergarten next to Gariseb School, Anixab, Damaraland, Namibia repainted and supported by Elephant-Human Relations Aid. Our project volunteers donated books to it.

Read about PWP at Amanda's  - she has a fantastic prize for the dare-devil minded! Even better, it's my country so if you're passing though New Zealand, drop in, stopover, and share a cold one. 

Nancie at has Amazon's best selling Kindle E-Book Reader as a prize. Boy, am I going to bid for that! Just the greatest present I can think of for Kay for Christmas as she's an avid reader, we travel a lot, and just so good to have a book with us but without the weight and space! 

So right now I'm heading over to the Passports With Purpose main site where I can donate and choose from the prize list -

A great way to do real and effective good during this Goodwill season!

The other great initiative has been kicked off by Bret Love of Green Global Travel and I'm totally supporting this.

The concept for Travel Bloggers Give Back is simple: We will use our time and energy to convince as many travel bloggers as we possibly can to post stories on their sites between now and Christmas Day about their favorite charity organizations.

 The goal? 

To use the power of our collective voice to convince our readers to give whatever they can to the charities nearest and dearest to our hearts.

You can find us here on .facebook Travel Bloggers Give Back

 Join us! Post your article supporting your favourite charity, head over to our Facebook page, list it there- even your PWP posts are welcome- and we will spread it across social media. Also take the time to share other TBGB blogs listed there. Tweet anything you see with #TBGB.
Don't forget to Stumble, Facebook, Google+ etc!
It's the season of Goodwill!

This week's Magnificent Monday also invites you all to paste your GOODWILL theme article link in the Mr Linky Tool.

To join in this week's Magnificent Monday-
1. Paste your name and a link to your 'Goodwill' article in the Mr Linky tool below.
2. Leave a comment to show you care.
3. It's good etiquette to edit into your article a reference to this article to let your readers know also.
4. Visit each post, leave a comment and share Stumble, Digg, Tweet and Facebook etc so we can all benefit.



Bret @ Green Global Travel said...

Thanks for posting this, Jim! Sometime blogs have a tendency to take a very introspective approach, so it's been great to see so many posts focused on the good we can do in this world we travel. Hopefully the Travel Bloggers Give Back concept will catch on and we can all do charitable posts year-round!

Anonymous said...

Good theme this week, Jim :)

Sophie said...

Good theme this week, Jim. Pushed me to do my TBGB-post :)

Unknown said...

Great cause... every child should have a book .. every woman and man should be able to sit and enjoy a book with their children.

I remember seeing this little school house in another one of your post. Ironically as it may seem, I just made a car floor mat for Kayden (my grand baby)I put a little pink school house on it.

Donating and Giving back is always a great way to show goodwill.

I guess the additional icing of winning a great prize is like having your cake and eating it too.

I won't be joining in on the hop, but I'll be paying a visit to those that are. Along with checking the donation page etc. As always I've tweeted, shared, liked and clicked on every other share option you have available.

Cristina Dimen said...

Great post, Jim. Thanks for sharing.

Literacy is very dear to my family's hearts, too. Libraries should be available to everyone, and it's wonderful to have organizations like PWP. They've done such vital work. More power.