Thursday, June 23, 2011

Man - eating lizard! Discovered in Namibia.

I may have discovered the world's smallest man-eating lizard! Found it in Namibia while taking pictures of desert life. But first a few great pictures I'm fond of.
I've been practising photographing insects,butterflies and lizards. While in Namibia the later than usual rains had kept the area from drying out and consequently insect life was prolific. Plants everywhere were flowering providing nectar for butterflies to complete extra generations, so numbers and variety were flourishing. This abundance of insect life meant lizard populations were also booming; everywhere I walked many species of lizards were scuttling out of my way. Last time I was in the same area in 2008 I cannot remember such an abundance of so much variety of life in the normally dried up land for that time of year.
So I was snap happy for the butterflies. Here's a few!


And here's a chameleon, and an agama.

And now ladies and gentlemen, the world's smallest man-eating lizard!

A man-eating one apparently...or at least he thinks he is!

Hopeful sort of guy. Probably grow up thinking he's a crocodile!

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And I'd like to read your comments also. Many readers visit and must have information to share about the posts I publish. I know Fred will turn up and identify all the butterflies for us all, so thanks Fred!



Sweta Chakraborty said...

my god....who knew this before...thanks for posting....

Mica said...

I love photographing butterflies! Nice light in the photos.

Finding One's Way said...


Love the butterfly photos...
I think Gucci is using those lizards next season on the runway..

Kerry-ann said...

a man eating lizard! Someone needs to have a chat to him before he starves... Love the photos - you got some great shots.

JIM said...

Photographing butterflies is not that easy..good job love the lizard!!!

Red Nomad OZ said...

Hahaha ... love that earring - or is it a lizard??!!

Great butterfly shots too!!

Wanda said...

I believe you may have the latest fashion jewelry craze here... live, dangling, clip-on earrings!!

Lily Trotter said...

Ha Ha!
I was reading down and thinking "Come on Jim. Name the butterflies!" and then you go and drag me in.
Name them? I can probably $ex them. But I will let others have a go first. Name the species of Chameleon. You know you can do it.

Jim said...

Well Fred and Liz, you're going to have to name , AND sex those butterflies for us all!
Meantime that Chameleon may just be a Flap Necked Chameleon. If I'm not mistaken!
BTW that pic is one we saw in Namibia on the EHRA desert elephant program, not the one we saved dcrossing the road in Botswana. Same species I think. I'll post that one up too to make sure.

sheril benedict said...

First on hearing the topic i was shocked !! after reading the whole its different !!may be its a kind of fashion instead of stud ,its lizard nowadays .But how come its still biting and give a pose !! this lizard have lots of guts

Jim said...

I'll have to do a blog post and explain about that man-eating lizard. They're found in the desert in Namibia, and love chomping on humans. I thnk he finds us rather tasty.

Nelieta said...

He is so cute Jim! Never seen one so small and that likes to nibble on an ear! Loved it!!

Lily Trotter said...

OK. It is a flap-necked Chameleon. (Same species as we saw near Nata). As to the "man eating" Lizard, well as they don't have teeth that is one big suck he is going to have to do. My money is on the ear to win! Probably attacted by salt. Not met this guy. Must look out for him.
Anyone done the Lepidoptery yet? Last one is really easy.

lakwatsera de primera said...

I love photographing butterflies as well, a bit tricky because they tend to be shy but very rewarding. :)

Lily Trotter said...

OK. No takers, so for Jim's benefit,
1&2 are/is a Male Colotis Danae "Scarlet Tip".
3 Male Colotis Eucharis "Suplhur Orange Tip"!
4. Probably, Female Precis Natalia. "Brown Commodore."
5. You should all get that one...
Vanessa Carlui, "Painted Lady". Occurs in Europe too as it migrates north in warm summers.
The Chameleon's name is George.

Jim said...

Wow, thanks Fred and Liz for the info. Just what I need. I'll go through and add names to the pics.
I knew it would be useful having you both along on the trip as tail end Charlies.