Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We've seen your devastation,
Bent and broken on the ground.
But it's just bricks and mortar fallen,
Your spirit can never be put down.

Mother Nature may be quaking,
Sending shockwaves through the ground.
But while family lives are breaking,
Our politicians dither round.

Earthquakes may leave you badly broken.
Tallest buildings may fall down.
But spirits even though near breaking,
Survive if we all rally around.

 Politicians may be pontificating,
Words espoused may sound profound,
But true heroes just get on and do it,
The ones beside you on the ground.

Don't feel you are forsaken,
Keep your feet firm on the ground,
It's just bricks and mortar broken,
Your spirit will never be kept down.


1 comment:

Rachel Hoyt said...

Great poem, Jim! I am sure the recovery processs is frustrating for many people. They are still in my thoughts.