Thursday, January 27, 2011

TRAVEL PHOTO THURSDAY. Sorry I'm Late....but still Thursday other side of World.

Over at it's Travel Thursday so on Friday I put up a photo that helps illustrate a great time on our travels.
This photo sums up the vastness of Mongolia, how few people populate such a huge country, and it's a reminder of how their lifestyle is so dependant on their livestock, particularly the horse.

I took this shot as we were leaving our nomadic family homestay. The horses seeking relief from the mid-summer's sun, cooling their heels in the stream with no trees in sight to seek shade.
Livestock there is very hardy, having to endure summer temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius, to minus 20 during the hard, long winters. Some perish, only the hardiest survive.
There is a reflection showing on the left as the photo is taken through the window glass of our bus.

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Nancie said...

Fantastic shot, Jim. These animals have to be among the hardiest to survive the extreme cold of the Mongolian winters.

Thanks so much for posting to Travel Photo Thursday.