Friday, January 7, 2011


Where did this past week disappear to so quickly? This photo should have been up yesterday to link in with Budget Traveller's Sandbox Travel Photo Thursday , so forgive me for being late.
Taken from our beach looking out towards Kapiti Island.

A seagull wings over the surf.
Kapiti Island dominates our Western horizon. It is now a Nature Reserve, where all introduced predators (possums, stoats and rats) which prey on our native birdlife and their eggs, have been eradicated. You can take a day trip to Kapiti Island where you may hike through mature native forest to the highest point of Kapiti Island, Tuteremoana. Bird species you may see are kiwi, tui, bellbird, weka, kaka, kereru, north Island robin, saddleback, hihi and takahe. The takahe being one of our rarest birds.
Enquire from these companies about day trips and permits to visit -

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Pictures of tui are here- Song of the Tui


Anonymous said...

Hi Jim, looks like we are both posting about seagull this time!

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Julia said...

Looks lovely and peaceful there, Jim. Wish we had more interesting bird varieties in this part of Turkey. Seagulls and pigeons galore! :)