Friday, November 19, 2010

First steps and new boots.

Just signed up at MatadorU. Going to be a struggle for this guy with limited formal education, but a long learning period in the real world of business. So I've had to start another blog for all my assignments and needed to write an 'About Me' page for that blog, so here it is.

Riding the Bamboo Express, Battambang, Cambodia, Jan 2008
About Me 
They reckon I was born kicking and screaming 3 weeks early, walking at nine months and always impatient to put leather to the road. Left school at 15, moved out of home same year, travelled almost every weekend to another part of New Zealand, then moved cities and I’m sure during my teens my family never knew where I was for months on end. I think we found each other again, around the time I met my travelling partner …. my wife. We have been travelling together for many years now, and shoe leather has worn thin many times but being the canny, crafty shoemaker I am, they get Resoled often.

Kay and I married, saved hard, set sail for UK and an Overseas Experience that has set the foundation stone for our lives together. We are testament to the fact that you can raise children, pay off the mortgage, chase your career, even operate your own business AND travel. Ok, the big overseas trips and long term backpacking went on hold, but travelling is an attitude of mind we realised, and with 3 kids under 5 in nappies we bought an old caravan and towed it around New Zealand... and they were happy days, too quickly gone except in memories and a few faded photos. Those days you can’t get back.

Ah, but the kids have flown the nest now - well they got a boost actually - and we are back travelling the world with enthusiasm. 40 countries so far including Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Japan… getting rather bored with Asia …so Africa! Now that’s where we’re at, and I’m heading back next May for my third volunteer project in Namibia. Kay will meet our daughter in UK and sip wine in Normandy. I’ll probably be wishing I was with her as I’m dying of thirst in the Namib Desert.

Favourite places-

The scenic vastness of Mongolia and throat-singing. Camels braying.

The scenic vastness of Namibia and a Herero family singing farewell. Baby desert elephant squealing for its mum.

The scenic vastness of Scotland and bagpipes playing Dark Isle. Mist thrush singing it’s heart out for its mate.

Yes, I’ve gone off claustrophobic Asia.



zablon said...

40 countries that is a feat, good luck in africa, pass by kenya its a beautiful place

Jim said...

Kenya does hold a strong attraction for us so is on our travel horizon Zablon. How about telling us more about the volunteer projects you're associated with?

Unknown said...

interesting long journey, I wish you are enjoying it, and thanks for sharing this with us, we hope that you will post more. By the way thanks for stopping by, I appreciate this...try to visit Morocco it is a wonderful touristic destination...have a nice trip

Jim said...

Aznzar, I really liked your blog, particularly the post on saving and replanting trees in Morocco. They are so important and it's good to know that recognition of the importance of trees is growing. I'll be reading your site often.
Incidentally, yes we have been to Morocco back in 2001. Didn't spend enough time there and it is a country we would like to explore more.

Andrea said...

It was great to read and learn more about you, Jim! Good luck with all the writing =) Look forward to meeting you and your wife in person in January...

Jim said...

Thanks Andrea. I'd better get onto that, Jan 18th sound good?

andrea said...