Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Gucci Travels: Or how to always look well dressed when travelling!

You ever have a favourite item of clothing that you never want to cast away or donate to a needy cause along your travels?
Looking back through our travel pics of many years gone, I note a common denominator amongst many images. It was Gucci! My designer t-shirt, bought so long ago, but I had become so familiar with I had never stopped to think it was about time it was thrown in the rag bag, or relegated to dusting out my workshop. Even my dog has yet to seize upon it as her favourite shreddable tugging toy!
So let's go travelling with Gucci.
My Gucci top began it's travels in Saigon, Ho Chi Mihn City, Vietnam, August 2002.
I bargained hard for what I thought was just another classy top, but didn't know it was a knock off label. Never saw the brand until I had bought it. But for $6 it has been the best wearing piece of clothing I have ever purchased. No pilling, fading or looking shabby. And each time I sort out clothes for our next trip, I always pull it out, place it in my bag and think this is probably the last time. But no. Still looks like new; too good to donate to some needy poor person in Africa or India. It's going for perhaps one more trip.

Twyfelfontein World Heritage Site,Namibia, Aug 2008.
Rock painting reception centre.

I've worn it to India twice. It resisted the mutton fat drips of Mongolian barbeques. Travelled Turkey and Eastern Europe.

Taken a taxi ride in Western Australia!
Hobnobbed with the best of them at the $1800 a night El Questro Homestead.

  Mitchell Falls Airport departure lounge

Yep, at El Questro, one really does need to dress for the occasion, and what better than to be seen wearing Gucci!

Amazing value. Wish I'd bought a boat load of them.
Not too bad for a cheap knock off. But then when I inspect the quality of the cotton fabric, and it's still new and fresh appearance I often wonder if in fact it really is a Gucci product. I do realize a lot of designer product is contract made in Vietnam, and often over-runs sneak out the factory back door and are sold off at local markets. The quality of my supposed Gucci top is suspiciously too good not to be a Gucci. If it is, I will definitely buy Gucci again!
So, as we packed our bags for Ethiopia and Scotland, I was thinking that this trip it may be time to leave it behind in Ethiopia. Some local villager will need it more than I.
Ethiopia presents poverty up front, right in your face. But that needy local got a couple of other tops...just couldn't think to part with it. And what does an Ethiopian country farmer want with a Gucci top anyway?
My Gucci top expanded it's travel map by coming to Scotland with me! Yes, a wet and windy day at Culloden Moor battlefield, but I can assure you that under that wet weather gear there's a Gucci top!
And no, I wouldn't take visiting Culloden battlefield lightly. In fact, visiting that battlefield was a pilgrimage to discover my heritage and was rather an emotional event as it is for many of Scots descent that visit their ancestral homeland. There'll be a blog covering our heritage exploration soon.

So where will my Gucci top travel to next, I wonder?


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