Monday, April 19, 2010

Reg and Jim's extraordinary taxi ride.2

Gee, this is shaping up to be bigger than expected. Better and brighter, and way more fun than first thought.

 I'm not sure what we both thought when we figured we'd have a go at entering Tourism Western Australia's multi million dollar promotion. A bit of a laugh, a few days away on our own, boy's fun on the road together perhaps. Rather shallow thoughts way back then. And we won it, from out of all the New Zealand entrants!
But as this unfolds, as we begin to learn more about Western Australia, peruse the pictures, read the promo mags, chat on the travel forum, and follow the journey blogs, there's a wonderment building in our minds. This is big!

Windjana Gorge (Windjana Gorge National Park)courtesy Tourism WA

But Western Australia is just that- BIG!
And it's not just big, it's beautiful. This extraordinary taxi ride is opening our minds to just what's up there. And for me it all started with this-
I have had my eye on that project for some time, and turtle watching is kind of my style. Assisting in their protection and conservation while exploring some far off place. That's me alright. And while investigating it further, and that area of Australia, I came across the Extraordinary Taxi Ride in Western Australia.

Sometimes when things come together, perhaps that it is rather uncanny, I stop and think it may be more than just that. It may be that something is guiding me, telling me to give it a go. Now I know I can do it, I've got the skills, the travel experience, I'm not just a tourist who ticks off each place they've been with a camera shot. Let's get into it!
We'll give it a shot.
So we hailed a taxi .... and it stopped for us. How about that?

Leg 10 The Gibb River Road is where we're off to. What a fantastic area to explore.

Windjana National park, wilderness lodges, cattle mustering, helicopter rides, indigenous people experiences, barramundi fishing and more. Much More!

Cable Beach camels, courtesey Tourism WA.

And it's started off with Dayna and Jeremy, first up here at-

With all their energy and enthusiasm, Reg and I are going to find it tough to keep up. They really kicked it off with plenty of thrills and excitement. I think we'll do suave and sophisticated ... and hopefully not fall off those camels up Broome way!

So follow the Extraordinary Taxi Blog everyone. Come along for the ride with Jim and Reg, and our driver Doug the Cabbie. I reckon by the end of this he's going to earn a new name- Doug The Legend.


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Jim said...

You said it all Jim, I'm excited too! After the Gibb River Road excursion I plan on spending a bit of time exploring the Southern Coast and all that area has to offer. There's just so much to see, I didn't realize just how much until I started reading all the promos.
It's going to be GREAT.