Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Reg and Jim's Most Extraordinary Taxi Ride!

A favourite song of mine from Aussie rockers James Blundell and James Reyne sums up exactly my feelings today!This is one of the great songs that illustrates the feeling we may all have of just chucking it in, and taking off.
Check this out and sink into this song-

I'm over the moon, lost in the outback, wandering at the edges of my senses,coming to grips with an amazing event that looms on the horizon!Because we are!We're chucking it in and taking off 'Way out West!'Fair dinkum!Bonzer!You beauty!

"Way out West where the rain don't fall, got a job for a company drillin' for oil........."
Check this out-
This has got to be one of the most incredible promotions ever, to promote Western Australia tourism.And the craziest way to travel.What an adventure?!A country we've longed to visit but knew so little about that we'd pushed it further down the list.You know, next year ...or next year..
But this is for real I keep telling myself, trying to convince myself "Yep it's all true Jimmy Boy".
Well Jimmy Boy is taking off, along with mate Reg.On the taxi ride of a lifetime.Now Kay and I have had some pretty hairy taxi rides along our travels.And in fact I was going to present a series of blogs based on our taxi adventures but now this tops them all off.
Reg and I will be exploring,blogging and enjoying the following from1st of June , heading to The Gibb River Road for nine days, starting with an iconic 4WD adventure across the Kimberley - one of the world's last true wilderness areas.If that is anything like our Namibian wilderness experience,it will be a joy to explore .I really love desert wildlife and flora, and wandering the often striking terrain of complete aloneness that is such a rejuvenator for one's soul.

Celebrating an extraordinary opportunity with a rather extraordinary WA Watershed Wines Shiraz of course!

We will be travelling 1,000 kilometres in search of some of the most spectacular and extraordinary sites that Western Australia has to offer.
And that night when I explained to my dear Kay that I'm taking off, a strange conversation went something like this-
"Errr umm Honey, arrr ummm ,I need to go out with Reg"
"That 's fine.Sure you go."
"Well, umm err, could be going for some time."
"That's fine.Don't wake me."
"OK.But going by taxi"
"That's great.You won't have to worry about drinking then."
"So I can go then?"
"That's fine.You go."
"You really mean that?"
"That's fine."
Oh they are so trusting sometimes......
"Could be gone for a while".
"That's fine.How Long?"
"Umm...err..... arr....about 10 days...."
The rest of the conversation shall not be printed.
Needless to say, my wallet shall be emptied of all cash, credit card will be racked up, loans taken, a fortune spent, knees will be calloused , forehead bruised, making it all up to my loved one.
Truth is Kay is a very private person, and wouldn't do such a trip knowing every moment will be filmed.Not her style.And pretty tight at her work taking time off, and as we're already booked for 7 weeks off later for Ethiopia/Scotland, she just can't take more time off.
So not wanting to miss out on such an opportunity, I asked Reg to enter the competition with me, and we both have a Boy's Road Trip by Taxi ,Way out West.....never believing we would win.
Jim and Reg's Extraordinary Taxi ride in Western Australia.
Looks like a great adventure!
Follow the adventure here-

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