Saturday, February 13, 2010

I love the beauty of a bird's image captured in flight.

Gannets at Cape Kidnappers ,North Island ,New Zealand.The world's only mainland gannet breeding colony.It's a spectacular sight and a trip made more exciting by the tractor safari to get there.3 times we've done that trip over the years.Each time we go back, we appreciate it more.Awesome coastal scenery,the pounding surf that needs to be entered at times.And holding your breath as you slowly drive under towering cliffs of soft crumbly volcanic ash, hoping they'll not collapse.As happened!Wow!Glad we're not under that !

At the junction where the tractor safari drops you off, There's a wee hike up to the breeding colony but well worth the easy effort.
$34 each for 4 hours of out in the open scenery and nature is worth every cent!



Lisa said...

Gorgeous photos - what do you shoot?

Jim said...

Hiya Lisa,
I use a Canon SX10IS
Haven't quite made it to a DSLR.But this model is really good with 20 times optical zoom and 12 MP recording.
There are a whole heap of photos on my Facebook site .

Jim said...

Gannets are wonderful birds as subjects as they ride the wind like albatrosses, hardly moving their wings.Even coming in to land , they seem to just glide in until that final touch down.

Jim said...

BTW, if you click on the photo, you'll bring it up in full screen size.