Thursday, February 25, 2010

"God Is watching over us"

“ My trip review of Namibian Wildlife Sanctuary, N/a'an Kuse'. ”

I was wandering
I was wandering alone
Longing for roots of my own
There was no place
No place where I could roam
Is there no one could give me a home?

N/a'an Kuse', N/a'an Kuse'.

I was shaking
I was shaking with fear
Caught in this wire poacher's snare
I was screaming
I was screaming out in despair
Is there no one, no one to hear?

N/a'an Kuse', N/a'an Kuse'
God is watching over us.

I was praying
I was praying today
Please keep all my children safe
For taking that calf for my family,
My life's forfeit, we're just vermin anyway.

N/a'an Kuse', N/a'an kuse'
God is watching over
God is watching over us
Namibian Wildlife Sanctuary.

First verse is written from the perspective of lions who cannot return to Etosha as the park reckons they(5 ) will upset pride dynamics in the park. These orphans, now fully grown, are living in huge enclosures at Na'an Kuse, as an alternative to them being shot. Why is there no room in the wild for them?

Second verse is for Big Mama, a baboon. She had already lost a foot in a poacher's wire snare. When she came to the Sanctuary, Mama had another snare partially embedded in her flesh around her belly. Soon after she arrived, she gave birth. Now Big Mama is undisputed boss of all 17 baboons. She's an amazing creature.

Third verse reflects the feelings of a cheetah mother, whose 4 cubs were caught in a farmer's trap. He incarcerated them in a pit under the trap, for 4 days hoping to lure her back in to kill her. When 1 died of pneumonia, he relented, rang the sanctuary and they came into their care. But mother cheetah had to abandon her cubs, or be shot!

Hope you guys like it. First poem I have ever written.
Sorry about no pictures of Big Mama, the baboon. We were too scared to even point a camera her way!
But a beautiful animal, completely in control of the baboon troop. And easy with us, as long as we didn't mess her around. She's an awesome creature, and I grew to admire her.

 N/A’AN KU SÊ  is Bushman for "God is watching over us."


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